10 simple tricks to get started with Pokemon

If you have never played the original Pokemon Core series before, start here.

With the great success of "Pokemon Go" , brand new fans experienced this franchise for the first time. Compared to the simple mechanics of Pokemon Go, the main series of Pokemon games can be daunting. However, no matter where you start, there are many tricks that apply to every major series of games.

Here is a collection of 10 tips to help new trainers make the most of Pokemon’s experience. Before consulting a drill or trying any Pokemon team, try these tips to make the best choice. After all, one of the most attractive aspects of Pokémon is building your own team.

1. What is "Gen"?

Pokemon Sun Nintendo 3DS

Gen is the abbreviation of generation , which refers to the time period during which a specific game is released. Here is a quick guide to the main titles of Pokemon:

The first generation : Pokemon red , blue and yellow (Japanese also green)
Available for: Game Boy , Nintendo 3DS eShop

Second generation : Pokemon gold , silver and crystal
Available for: Game Boy Color

The third generation : Pokemon ruby , sapphire and emerald ; Pokemon fire red and leaf green (replica of Pokemon red and blue)
Applies to: Game Boy Advance

Fourth generation : Pokémon Pearl , Pokémon Diamond and Platinum ; Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver (Pokemon Gold and Silver Remake)
Applies to: Nintendo DS

The fifth generation : Pokemon White , Pokemon Black , Pokemon White 2 , Pokemon Black 2
Applies to: Nintendo DS

The sixth generation : Pokemon X and Y ; Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire (replicas of Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire)
Applies to: Nintendo 3DS

Seventh Generation: Pokemon Sun and Moon
Available for: Nintendo 3DS

Each generation has new features, new Pokemons, and new ways to fight Pokemon and develop relationships with them. If you are new to this game, then the following technique is very important.

2. Which Pokemon game should I start with? 

Pokemon yellow game cover with Pikachu's game boy

The core gameplay of Pokemon remains the same in every major series:

Capture and train monsters to fight against other coaches and become the champion of the Pokemon League. However, there are big differences in settings, available Pokemon, auxiliary tasks and functions.

Because the difficulty of the Pokemon series is suitable for fans of all ages, most people don't know how to do it. The newer "Pokemon" games have more convenient features, but if you start with the basics, there is still a lot to say. Therefore, it is recommended to start with Pokemon Red, Blue or Yellow. 

Although the first generation of Pokemon games looks a bit outdated, it is a good start for the series. Some complex mechanisms that were missing from the first generation have now become the standard of the series.

3. No need to stick to beginner Pokemon

Zapdos that captures Pokemon Red

At the beginning of each "Pokemon" game, (the professor of "Pokemon") will provide the opportunity to choose the first "Pokemon" from three choices. For most people, for better or worse, this Pokémon is ultimately the key to their team. 

However, it will not stay on the starter at all. In fact, once you catch a Pokémon, you can throw the launcher into the Pokémon storage and never throw them away again. 

Most of the Pokemon captured at the beginning of each game, in terms of raw statistics and growth potential, are far less than the starting Pokemon​​. However, once you find the Pokemon you need, you can relocate the launcher off the court at will. 

4. Train Pokémon evenly

Mudkip fights Zigzagoon in Pokemon Emerald to fight for the Game Boy Advance

Although the newer "Pokemon" game will distribute the experience points gained in the battle to the entire team, it is difficult to do this in previous works. Many trainers find that their bad habit is to make Pokémon too high, and other teams have paid the price for it. 

Pokemon can make trainers relax their vigilance.

At the highest position of the team, every time a Pokemon (usually the starting player) is put down, the same monster will be sent to the battle in the battle. However, Pokemon has a "type" and will play a "rock, scissors, scissors" type scene in battle. If the main Pokemon is a water type and is the only pet that has been leveling, then when entering the electric gymnasium, the remaining monsters may not be able to make up for the lack of the main monster. 

In order to avoid these situations, just give each Pokemon one round to fight. Keep spinning and switch after each battle. Then, there will be a comprehensive team. In turn, this will increase the fun of the game. 

5. Keep your friends healthy

Funny pokemon video game memes

Keeping Pokemon at the top is essential, so always be prepared for battle.

Pokemon is an RPG (role-playing game). Although each attack will cause roughly the same damage, the actual damage is randomly determined between the lower and the higher damage range. In addition, there are type weaknesses and severe hits, which will cause twice the damage, which is nothing to worry about. 

The happiness of Pokemon is also reflected in several functions of the series.

If Pokemon faints frequently, happiness and friendliness will decrease, which may affect data and even the chance of evolution. When entering the town, just visit the PokeCenter to restore health.

6. Take "Em" with you

Best Pokemon Game

In addition to becoming a champion, every game has a potential goal, which is to catch Pokemon as much as possible. This goal becomes higher with the update of the game. The first-generation game only needs 150 Pokémon to complete its Pokedex, while the latest sixth-generation game requires up to 719 Pokemon.

The easiest way is: capture every wild Pokémon you encounter (species that have not yet been captured).

When defeating the elite four to become the Pokemon League champion, there shouldn't be much available in the current game. If you wait until you become "Pokemon Champ" and then go back to the whole game and start chasing Pokemon, you basically have to finish the whole game again. 

7. Pay attention to the light (how to catch rare Pokémon)


Starting from the second generation, wild Pokemon rarely have the opportunity to appear in battle with different color schemes and special shiny animations.

These Pokémon are very rare, and even the most common shiny form of Pokémon can provide incredible leverage when trading. 

Generally, it is best to keep a weaker Pokémon in the team in case you encounter beautiful women. Because of the color mode and the animation played at the beginning of the battle, something shiny was found. Stop to catch up with any shiny Pokémon that you encounter, because they have very little chance of appearing, and may not appear for many years. 

8. If you don’t want to catch them all

Twitch plays Pokemon

When capturing all available Pokémon, either capture your favorite species, but in a small number; or collect the strongest Pokémon of the strongest species by breeding perfect specimens. 

How to play the game is up to you. Pokemon games have no time limit and no strict goals. Each event in the story will be waiting to be completed, as long as the story and incidental tasks are truly completed, you can roam the world at will. 

Set your own goals!

Look for shiny Pokemon and try to complete the game with only one Pokemon or the weakest Pokemon. The possibilities are endless!

9. Trade'em up

Pokemon Ball, Pokemon icon, Switch icon in Pokemon Go application

Every Pokemon game requires a lot of time. Most players spend at least 20 to 40 hours on each game title, and some even exceed 1,000 hours. In each game, you will find your favorite Pokemon.

After absorbing everything needed to do Pokemon games, replace them with new games and embark on new adventures! Once you reach the first town in the game, you can use the trading system. Although it is a bit troublesome, you can upgrade "Pokemon" from the original third-generation game of Game Boy Advance to the latest sixth-generation game, and it will fill up Pokedex !

10. Play with friends

Pokemon, let's go to the local 2-player multiplayer game of Pikachu/Eve.

Although Pokemon Go has a large following, this game lacks what the core Pokemon series has had since the original Game Boy was launched: it can actually be played with friends.

Although every generation of Pokemon games can be linked to trade with friends or fight Pokemon, the latest generation of games has added the Internet to it, so if you and your friends have 6th generation games, you don’t even have to trade with them in the same room .

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