5 Steps to Add Captions and Subtitles to Instagram Videos

Instagram has a great reputation as the birthplace of simple photo filters and #nofilter. Today, video has also become an important part of the website community and culture. People spend a lot of time thinking about smart captions for their Instagram posts, but few users (both brands and celebrities) take the time to add to their video contentclosed captions.

Although closed captions are less common on Instagram, they are still a best practice. Because adding subtitles to video content can attract more people to watch, subtitles can increase the viewing time of 12%.

1. Order Captions

First, upload uploads the video to Instagram. If the video is already posted on Instagram, paste the video URL.

Try InstagramCaptions

Order Captions

2. In Checkout Screenchoose "Burned-In Captions"

Be sure to select "Burned-in Captions" during checkout so that you can receive video files with video subtitles. (Returns video with hardcoded, burnt subtitles within 24 hours.)

open captions

Order Burned-In Captions for Instagram Videos

3. Customize your Caption

The accuracy of subtitles and transcripts can reach 99%, and you can add your own personal touch to the subtitles. The subtitle editor is intuitive and allows to change video subtitles in real time. Transcription and inclusion of timestamps can speed up the editing process.

Rev Captions Editor

4. Download Your Captioned Video

If you selected "Burned-in captions" in step 1, you will be able to download videos with captions, either from the caption editor or from the Rev account dashboard.

5. Upload video with captions to Instagram

According to statistics, about 38 million Americans have some kind of hearing impairment, and they are your audience. Those with cognitive or developmental disabilities, or those learning a foreign language, also often rely on subtitles to fully enjoy videos and media.

Add captions to Instagram video moving images

While Instagram content can be viewed from a computer, it can only be viewed fromcell phoneor tablet to upload videos.

Click "plus" at the bottom of the app interface, select the video you want to share, and start uploading. If you have uploaded videos with subtitles, they will appear on every video by default. This could be good for viewership, as Instagram doesn't play video sound unless it's turned on by clicking on the video in the feed.

Upload video to Instagram plus sign

If you want to add subtitles to your Instagram videos in a second language to further reach your audience, you can also translate the subtitles into other languages before adding them to the video.

When just ordering video subtitlesinform rev, you can do this at checkout.

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