Some Android phones will always track and monitor users

Researchers have found that even if you choose to opt out, some Android phones will continue to track you.

It turns out that even if you tell your Android phone not to track and send your information, it might do so, depending on the operating system. Researchers from the University of Edinburgh (UK) and Trinity College Dublin (Ireland) tested six versions of the Android operating system and found thatMost never stop collecting data.

This article analyzes data traffic from Samsung, Xiaomi, Realme, Huawei, LineageOS, and the /e/OS variant of Android OS. Research shows that only /e/OS can avoid collecting and sending data.

All other tested versions of AndroidOS will continue to collect and send your information, even if you tell the phone not to do this-even if it is idle.

The information collected and where it is sent also depends on the operating system. For example, LineageOS will share your telemetry data, application log details, and third-party application data to Google.

Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, and the realme version have all sent more information to various companies, including themselves, Google, Microsoft, LinkedIn and Facebook.

Especially Huawei even sends "...the time and duration of each application window viewed by the user".

Basically, your various information will be sent to operating system developers and third-party developers through pre-installed system applications.

Peeking at someone's cell phone

As of now, if you own or are interested in acquiring an Android device and have privacy issues, based on the findings of the researchers, the device using /e/OS seems to be your best choice.

LineageOS may be the next best choice, because although it does collect information, according to research, it collects far less information than the other four options and only sends it to one company (Google).

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