9 Best PS4 Party Games of 2021

The best PlayStation 4 (PS4) party game makes people feel like hosting a party with loved ones at home. PS4 has a broad lineup of exciting games, including a large number of single-player games and serious immersive games.

Because of its powerful social functions, PS4 is very suitable for this type. These include Share Play, which allows people to watch your game stream, join a local multiplayer game, or choose to control your game remotely, even if they don’t have a copy of the game themselves.

PS4 is no longer the latest game console, but it still has a lot to offer, especially in party games. If you are looking for a PlayStation 5 that is hard to find, rediscovering some great party games is an ideal way to remind yourself why PS4 will perform well for some time to come. Here are the best and most interesting PS4 party games.

Best Overall: Jackbox Party Pack 7 (PS4)

Jackbox Party Pack 7


  • Tailored for face-to-face or remote gatherings
  • Collection of interesting games
  • Improve old games


  • Enjoyment largely depends on your team
  • Some games do not run properly remotely

As the numbers indicate, there are many Jackbox Party Packs, but the seventh one is by far the best. Each one is specially designed to make everyone laugh and chat even if your relatives are not close. Only the host needs to own the game, and up to eight participants can join by entering the room code on any mobile device or web browser. All they need to do is to see the game screen. More people can even join and participate as spectators.

The five games in Party Pack 7 include Quiplash 3, a classic game in which players can write responses to prompts, and then everyone can vote for their favorite answers. The new content in this version is the last round of "Thriplash", which requires a three-part response and the option of using user-generated prompts. 

Others include Champ'd Up, which is a drawing-based game in which you can outline comic characters that blindly confront each other. There is also The Devils and the Details, which allows you to enter a family of demons who need to cooperate in housework, while tempting you with selfish tasks that will only improve your own score. Then came the speech game, Talking Points and the crazy libs-style guessing game Blather'Round. There are no really weak games in the package, so this is a great way that everyone can enjoy.

ESRB : T (Youth) | Installation size: 1.87GB

Best board game: Ubisoft Entertainment Monopoly Plus (PS4)


  • The core of monopoly and optional rule changes
  • Customizable visual effects
  • Online mode


  • Only one controller
  • May malfunction

If you can't get together to play a fun (and competitive) Monopoly game, there will always be Monopoly Plus on PS4. This is a faithful reproduction of the capitalist conflict of buying and renting houses that has caused so many family quarrels over the years.

The game contains many popular rule variants, but you will still recognize all familiar locations and game elements, and some shiny new animations and 3D quality have been added. You can even customize the board to your liking by changing the attribute name and icon. 

Players in the same room can only use one PS4 controller to play games, which is both practical and a bit exciting. You can at least play games on your smartphone or tablet through the PlayStation mobile app. However, it is an online multiplayer game where Monopoly is at its best, allowing you to play with other people anywhere in the world. This is an interesting and familiar process.

ESRB : E (Everyone) | Installation size: 1GB

Best family game: Team 17 Overcooked! 2 (PS4)

View on AmazonView WalmartWhat do we like


  • Innovative twists and turns at every level
  • Exciting cooperative play
  • Free DLC is added regularly


  • It's tricky for young players
  • Load between screens

Cooking can be a fun activity for the whole family, but it can also be stressful and involve a lot of planning. This is the perspective of Overcooked! 2 Always pursue, make things interesting, in order to really test your teamwork ability. You and your little friends play two or four cartoon chefs, fighting every second to grab the right ingredients, chop them, cook them, and then serve them according to specific food orders.

Sounds simple? not completely. Each kitchen has its own cooking theme, but also has its own funny challenges, such as conveyor belts, river rafts, and swamp creatures. Some levels can be overwhelming, especially for young players (or those who work hard in a team), but it is always satisfying when you win.

There is no need to experience the first version to handle things here. On the contrary, overcooked! 2 Adopt the core formula and add a lot of fresh levels and challenges to attract you. New content is added regularly to celebrate the changing seasons or holidays, and you can buy new additional content at any time.

ESRB : E (Everyone) | Installation size: 2.79GB

Best puzzle: Steel Crate game keeps the call, no one explodes (PS4)

Keep the call, no one explodes


  •  Fun and busy group activities
  • All but one player can communicate remotely
  • Virtual reality facility


  • Can be very difficult

Have you ever thought about dismantling a bomb, as if your life depended on it? Keeping the conversation and no one exploding provides a safe experience. Only one player, the diffuser, is allowed to view and manipulate the bomb, while the other players (experts) must listen to their description before explaining the downloadable/printable bomb rejection manual to figure out how to dismantle it.

Each bomb is intricate and generated by program, so there are endless challenges here. It's nervous and incredibly crazy, but it's also fun, as long as you all accept it in a kind way.

Because experts never see the bomb, they can call their commands through any type of voice chat, so the game is very suitable for remote gaming. Even better, Keep Talking and Nothing Explodes was originally designed with VR in mind, so if you have a PlayStation VR headset, Diffuser can isolate yourself in the virtual world for a more intense but immersive experience.

ESRB : E10+ (each 10+) | Installation size: 704MB

Best Action: Matt Makes Games Towerfall Ascension (PS4)


  • Designed for local multiplayer games
  • Responsive and fun archery-based combat


  • No online multiplayer games
  • Limited single/cooperative activities

On the surface, TowerFall Ascension may not immediately have any similarities with Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros, but in reality, it owes much to it. TowerFall Ascension provides a head-to-head sofa multiplayer chaos with a pixel art indie game style twist. Four players on a single-screen 2D map decide the winner in an archery-based platform jumping deathmatch adventure.

You start with only three arrows, but you can collect more by catching them in mid-air or finding them stuck in the environment. The number of strategies involved here is staggering and requires some shrewd jumping and melee skills. It is fierce, but easy to approach. 

This updated version now comes with a campaign mode, where one or two players can fight against waves of enemies. It is not as powerful as the deathmatch mode, but it does add some value for money. It’s frustrating that this is a local-only multiplayer experience, but if you can gather some friends, it’s great to play.

ESRB : E10+ (each 10+) | Installation size: 397MB

Best Platform Game: Sony Interactive Entertainment LittleBigPlanet 3 (PS4)

Little Big Planet 3


  • Healthy platform
  • Lots of activities and user-generated content
  • Rich creation and customization functions


  • New roles are underutilized
  • Level creation tools can be overwhelming

LittleBigPlanet is very popular on PlayStation 3, and it brings some new changes to PS4 with its charming and creative cooperative platform gameplay. As before, you are traversing imaginative lands through activities narrated by the delightful Stephen Frye, but this time, the protagonist Sackboy has new tools and power supplies for him to use. He also added three new playable friends, each of whom provides a different mechanism and how they move on the screen.

The game does not take full advantage of these new characters as it might be, but there is still a lot of creativity here. For example, you can adjust Sackboy's appearance, skills, gadgets, and friends. You can also create and share your own levels, and play through millions of levels made by other members of the online community. These also include the levels of the first two games. The Creator tool is much more powerful than before and supports up to 16 playable layers, so you can really use your imagination as long as you invest time.

ESRB : E (Everyone) | Installation size: 15.68GB

Best Music: Fuser (PS4)

Harmonix fuser (PS4)


  • Can create cool mashups at any skill level
  • Collection of various available songs
  • Online competitive and cooperative multiplayer games


  • No local multiplayer games
  • Virtual audience requests don’t always make sense

Harmonix has long been a leader in music games due to games such as Guitar Hero, Rock Band and Dance Center. Fuser continues this trend, this is a DJ simulator where you can mix and match tracks as part of a virtual music festival.

Fuser’s online multiplayer game allows you to participate in one-on-one DJ battles, or choose to cooperate with up to three other DJs on the stage, and eight spectators can rotate to celebrate with you. Freestyle mode also allows you to create your own mashups before sharing with the wider community, and there are also regular challenges that require players to vote on their favorites.

In terms of music production itself, Fuser's intuitive system means that even novices can create something special, even if it can be a little strange at times. You first select songs from your catalog, which include hits from almost any era or genre you can think of, as well as new options for purchase. From there, you can separate the music into drums, bass, lead instrument, and vocal tracks, and then put them in any combination you like.

More advanced DJs can develop their technical skills by placing tracks on the beat to adjust keys or adding audio filters. But even without complex technology, you and your friends will be excited about what can be achieved here.

ESRB : T (Youth) | Installation size: 11.67GB

Best rhythm: Ubisoft "Just Dance 2021" (PS4)


  • Interesting track list and choreography
  • Can use a smartphone as a controller
  • Online world dance floor mode


  • Similar to the previous game

Dance games are a tried-and-tested way to make parties go smoothly, and this is what "Just Dance" does best. The 2021 version has a powerful song list, from current hits such as "Rain on Me" by Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande to modern classics such as "Without Me" by Eminem.

The energetic and entertaining action of catching some friends and following the screen characters dancing in front of a vibrant background is an explosion​​. Even if you don’t dance well, it’s hard not to smile. The dedicated child mode is very useful when participating in games of different ages, which also makes it one of the most suitable PS4 games for children. 

Since no specific sports accessories are required, "Just Dance 2021" is also easier to use. Just download the free controller app to their smartphone and hold it in your hand, allowing up to 6 players to join easily. There is also an online, cross-platform World Dance Floor mode that allows you to compete with dancers from all over the world. More interesting is the qualifier, which divides you into one of three "rooms" based on your skill level.

Finally, there is a free one-month subscription to the Just Dance Unlimited streaming service, which gives you access to more than 600 songs from previous Just Dance games, as well as exclusive content and new tracks.

ESRB : E (Everyone) | Installation size: 19.61GB

Best Fighter: Remake the Behemoth Castle Breaker (PS4)

Castle vandal


  • Four people hack and slash
  • Comedy art and animation
  • New mini games


  • Limited changes from the original version
  • Very superficial

If you and your partner like old games, you will love Castle Crashers Remastered. This is a retro beat with modern appeal, because the way the group cuts down and cuts them down in a cartoon fantasy world is not only a bit of weird humor.

Players can choose to sit together in front of the TV, or choose knights of different colors to play online, each of which has different abilities. This provides a bit of depth to the otherwise shallow experience, and each player will eventually get a unique build based on how they train their knights. 

The "remake" part of the game comes from the higher resolution and frame rate provided by PS4, which means a smoother visual experience than the previous version. There is also a new mini-game, Back Off Barbarian, where you follow the arrow to go around a tile. However, in most cases, if you have played Castle Crashers before, the situation is roughly the same. But tearing up hordes of enemies with friends is a great experience, and you will laugh happily.

ESRB : T (Youth) | Installation size: 258MBFinal verdict

Jackbox Party Pack 7 (inOn PlayStationCheck) is the ultimate way to make the party active, thanks to its rich social games and some clever ways to play remotely. However, if you want something more stable, there is always the traditional fun of Monopoly Plus (inOn PlayStationCheck), this will definitely lead to some relaxing arguments. 


How many players can play on a PS4 at the same time?

This usually depends on the number of players the game supports. For local couch multiplayer games, you can connect up to four wireless PS4 controllers to the system, which is the maximum allowed by most games. However, many party games include more creative ways to attract a large number of players, such as smartphone control, shared controllers, and unique non-screen expert roles in Keep Talking and Unmanned Explosion. For online games, some games support modes involving more than four players.

How do you play PS4 games online?

Almost all online multiplayer modes of PS4 games require a PlayStation Plus membership to play. There is usually a one-month free trial period, but after that, you need to sign up for a monthly (9.99 USD), quarterly (24.99 USD) or annual (59.99 USD) subscription. The exception is certain free games, such as Fortnite and Call of Duty: Warzone, which can be played without a PlayStation Plus subscription.

Can PS4 games be played on PS5?

If you are the lucky owner of PS5, you will be able to play almost all PS4 games on the new system. The number of games that are not backward compatible with PS5 is limited, so please double check the list of related games. PS4 games may also see performance improvements on powerful next-generation consoles. Unfortunately, PS3, PS2, and PS1 games are not compatible with PS5 (unless they have been remade for PS4).

Need to pay attention to what aspects of PS4 party games


It’s important to choose the type of party game that suits your entire group of friends or family. For people who play games regularly, hacking and hacking games may be ideal, but for relatives who have never played video games before, more traditional games like board games may be better. 

Difficulty curve

No one wants to be challenged too much when playing party games, especially when alcohol is involved. Choose a game that is easy to learn and not very basic. Or, a game that uses dance ability or simple experiments to express skills means that everyone has a great chance of success.


Are you looking for a game that can only be played on the sofa, or do you need to be able to remotely play with friends across the country or even the world? Check what multiplayer options are available for your game before buying, in case your gameplay is restricted. 

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