Best search engine of 2021

Google is the largest search engine, but besides that, there are some other pretty good search engines. Most people like to pass only one or twosearch engineYou can find the results you want, and this kind of best search engine usually has the following 3 characteristics:

  • Relevant results (or results of interest)
  • Clean and easy-to-use search interface
  • Can expand or narrow the search scope

The following content in this article can help you find the search engine that best suits your needs.

Remarks: These are mainly web search engines. In addition, there are some search engines that specialize in searching people, searching pictures, and searching work.


Google search

Google search interface


  • Like fresh content
  • Rank blogs and services
  • Accessible on any device


  • Collect information about users.
  • Hidden content may hurt rankings.

Google is the leader of Spartan search and the most widely used search engine in the world. Google is the fast, relevant, and most versatile single web directory.

Google images, maps, and news functions are particularly good at finding photos, geographic locations, and headlines.

DuckDuckGo search

duckduckgo search interface


  • Does not track or store user information
  • fast Search
  • One month search window is optional


  • Search results are not dated
  • Image search results are limited
  • No personalized results

At a glance, is very similar to Google, but there are many subtleties that make this search engine unique.

DuckDuckGo provides some clever features, such as zero-click information, that is, all answers appear on the first result page. DuckDuckgo provides disambiguation tips that can help figure out the question to ask. Most importantly, DuckDuckGo does not track user information or share its search habits with others.

Using, you may find that this clean and simple search engine is quite flattering.

Bing search


  • Like old, established web pages.
  • The home page will be ranked on the home page, not the blog.
  • Search for hidden and non-hidden content equally.


  • Forum ranks low in search results
  • Instant search is slower than Google

mustIt was Microsoft's original attempt to replace Google, and it can be said to be the second most popular search engine today.

On the far left, Bing supports search research by providing suggestions, and search options at the top of the screen: content such as Wiki suggestions, visual searches, and related searches may be helpful to users.

Dogpile search

Dogpile search interface


  • Link to "Favorites" on the home screen
  • Get a wide range of results from multiple databases.
  • Quick search results


  • No home screen personalization
  • Many sponsorship results

A few years ago, Dogpile was ahead of Google and became a fast and efficient web search. In the late 1990s, the situation changed, Dogpile gradually faded out of sight, and Google became the leading platform.

But today, Dogpile is back again, the index is constantly increasing, and it presents a concise and fast presentation method, which proves that its peaceful days are coming. If you want to try a search tool with an attractive appearance and ideal interactive results, don't miss Dogpile.

Yippy search

yippy search interface


  • Block bad websites
  • Preview search results
  • There are related topic clouds in the results


  • Unable to close the filtering process
  • With advertising support
  • Search is not intuitive

Yippy is a deep web search engine that can search other search engines. Unlike the regular Internet that uses robot spider programs for indexing, deep web pages are difficult to locate through regular searches.

This is where Yippy is very useful. If you are looking for unusual hobby blogs, government information that is difficult to locate, alternative news, academic research and similar content, then Yippy is the best search tool. 

Google Scholar

Google Scholar interface


  • Save the article for later reading
  • Various citation styles
  • The results show how many times an article has been cited and by whom


  • The scope is broad but not comprehensive.
  • No standard can make the results "academicized"

Google Scholar is a specific version of the main platform.

Google Scholar focuses on scientific and hard-studied academic materials that have been reviewed by scientists and scholars. Example content includes graduate papers, legal and court opinions, academic publications, medical research reports, physics research papers, and explanations of economics and world politics.

If you want to debate with experts and find resources, then Google Scholar is a place where you can use powerful resources to arm yourself.

Webopedia search

Webopedia search interface


  • Focus on technical terms and applications
  • Friendly to non-technical users
  • The entries are different every day


  • Search only Webopedia's database of more than 10,000 words and phrases
  • Search results are not dated
  • The article must be opened to learn more

Webopedia is one of the most useful websites on the Internet, an encyclopedia resource dedicated to searching technical terms and computer definitions.

For example, you can teach yourself what the domain name system is, orDDRAMThe meaning on the computer. For non-technical people, Webopedia is an ideal resource to learn more about computers.

Yahoo search

yahoo search interface


  • Home screen includes news and trend topics
  • One-stop search, e-mail, horoscope and weather store
  • Search by vertical industry


  • The ad is not clearly marked as an ad
  • Search results are not outdated
  • Large ad on the home screen

Yahoo is: search engine, news aggregator, shopping center, e-mail service, travel catalog, constellation, game center, etc.

Internet Archive Search

Internet Archive Search Interface


  • Search for text, news, archived websites, etc.
  • Provide advanced search
  • "Wayback Machine" can search old sites


  • Days of archived content
  • Advanced search requires a learning curve
  • Daily untruth

Internet archives are liked by many long-term web enthusiasts. For many years, it has been taking snapshots of the entire World Wide Web, helping users to go back to the past in a virtual way to see what web pages looked like in the past, for example, the 2005 news about Hurricane Katrina.

Crucially, Internet archives are much more important than web archivers. It is a multifunctional search engine that can also find movies and other videos, music and documents.

Although it will not be visited every day like Google, Yahoo or Bing, but when you need to understand the historical background, it is better to use this search site.

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