Instant Checkmate F.A.Q

What is Instant Checkmate

Instant CheckmateProvide the most useful, detailed and important information about anyone. Whether studying arrest records, phone numbers, addresses, demographic data, census data, or all kinds of other information, you can find all kinds of information about thousands of Americans here.

What information can be found at Instant Checkmate

Instant Checkmate F.A.Q

Instant Checkmate is one of the largest public records search services in the world, operating by aggregating public records from across the United States. When you run a new search, common records are pulled from multiple data sources, and this information is compiled and displayed in one easy-to-read report.

The goal is to help users understand the truth about people in their lives, and reports include phone numbers, addresses, contact information, arrests, criminal convictions, traffic crimes, sex offenders, and other information.

Can find the following information

  • Neighbor
    New neighbor? The creepy neighbor? Suspicious neighbor? It doesn't matter, use the service to find out the truth about who lives next door.
  • Sex offenders nearby
    Are there any sexual predators near you? Is your child in danger? Find out how many registered sex offenders are near you.
  • family member
    If you want to learn more about family members, then you have come to the right place. Track the information of family members that are rarely contacted or even strangers in the extended family. Find out if relatives had any troubles when they were young, and even if their parents were arrested when they were young.
  • Parents of children's friends
    Does your child like to spend the night at his best friend's house? Background The background of friends and parents in order to find potential danger signs.
  • new friend
    Making new friends is great, but are they really trustworthy? Run a background check to find out.
  • Find an old childhood friend
  • Former classmates
    Search public records to find the address and contact information of previous classmates.
  • Potential date
    There are various dangers in the dating world. Before dating, it is best to conduct a background check on your date.
  • Social media friends
    Know your friends and strangers on your social platform, who are following your various activities and behaviors.
  • Online buyers and sellers
    Before trading, conduct a background check to learn more about online buyers and sellers with whom you interact.
  • Vacation partner
    Are you going to travel? Use the Instant Checkmate report to find out if your travel companion has DUI, arrests, driving crimes, and other information about driving violations.
  • Learning partner
    In universities, late-night courses are extremely common, but they can also be dangerous. Conduct background checks on learning partners to understand their past.
  • Celebrities
    Does your favorite celebrity have a criminal record? You can view real celebrities by browsing public records.
  • yourself
    Has anyone done a background check on you? During the investigation, what information did they find about you? Know what your Beijing report contains.

Can't find the following information

  • Employment screening
    Employers cannot use ICM for pre-employment background checks, promotion, demotion, or dismissal of employees.
  • Screen domestic workers
    ICM cannot be used to screen babysitters, babysitters, household aids, gardeners or various other types of domestic helpers.
  • Tenant screening landlord
    ICM cannot be used to allocate/terminate lease, lease, sell or reserve residential or commercial space.
  • Evaluation of professional services
    ICM cannot be used to screen individual professional services, including teachers, mentors, coaches, doctors, personal trainers, etc.
  • Determine eligibility for education or scholarship
    ICM cannot be used to qualify someone for educational programs, grants, scholarships, financial aid, or any other related purposes.
  • Make decisions about credit or insurance eligibility
    ICM cannot be used to assess the risk of someone’s existing credit obligations or determine someone’s eligibility to issue or extend credit, insurance or loans (cars, mortgages, etc.)

Remarks: ICM is Instant Checkmate

Report type

Standard background report

date of birth,phone number, address history, associated people, arrest records, government clearance information, social media profiles (including email addresses) and nearby sex offenders.

After subscribing to Instant Checkmate's standard background report service, you can get unlimited standard background reports of relevant personnel during the subscription period. After subscribing, you can also upgrade the standard report to an advanced report, which will provide more and supplementary data about someone at a price of $19.99.

Advanced reports may include:

  • Civil judgment
  • Company affiliation
  • Owned vessel
  • UCC filing
  • Property owned
  • Voter registration
  • Old phone number
  • email address
  • Tax lien
  • Professional license
  • Hunting/fishing permit
  • Weapons license
  • Foreclosure House (Foreclosure)
  • airplane
  • Neighbor
  • Business partner
  • …….

Email report

Names, address history, relevant people, social media profiles (including other email addresses) and professional network information.

Where does the report data come from (based on)

Instant Checkmate can compile reports from millions of public records, including information provided by state and local governments. All information in the report is part of public records.

How to register for Instant Checkmate

Registration is relatively simple, seeCreate account guide. After becoming a member, you can know who has a criminal record and who has no criminal record. You can also learn about someone’s address, alias, traffic ticket, and other information, which is collected from millions of federal, state, and local records.

In addition, the site does not provide free query services, you must pay,See details.

How to delete your own information from the Instant Checkmate website

If you find your information in Instant Checkmate and want to delete it, visitExit page.

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