Canceling Spokeo Subscriptions and Closing Accounts: A Simple Guide

Spokeo is a people search site that aggregates data from online and offline sources and is powerful enough to look up the information you want. However, if you no longer need the Spokeo service, remember to cancel your subscription or you will be billed every month.

Although you can cancel at any timeSpokeo subscription, but to close access to your account you will need to contact our customer service team. Remember, you will no longer be able to log in or change your Spokeo account. After the customer service representative completes the account closure, you must log out of your account to complete the process.

Cancel Spokeo Subscription

Spokeo allows you to cancel your Spokeo subscription at any time by following these steps

1. Log in to your Spokeo account

Log in to your Spokeo account

2. Go to Manage Account part

On this page, click the Cancel button on the right, as shown below:

Click the Cancel button to cancel the Spokeo subscription service
Click the Cancel button to cancel the Spokeo subscription service

After that, receive an email notification from Spokeo that you have canceled your Spokeo subscription.

Close/Delete Spokeo Account

With the two simple steps above, you can cancel your Spokeo subscription service at any time. However, you cannot close your Spokeo account yourself, you mustContact Spokeo Customer Service TeamTo do this, after deleting your account, you can no longer log in. In fact, it is not necessary to close your Spokeo account as long as you unsubscribe from the service.

Note: Spokeo cannot permanently delete your user purchase data because they are required by law to keep a record of user purchases for a certain period of time.

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