Why is TruthFinder not free- Real price disclosure

TruthFinderCollecting billions of records from dozens of sources, labor and technology costs are huge. If you want to find someone’s information, you need to scan millions of public records to compile these data into a complete report, which is why TruthFinder is not free.

Of course, if you understand searching skills, analyze, and enough time, you can find out anyone's information for free, but people with this ability are not in the majority.

3 types of TruthFinder subscription prices

1-month Membership

A one-month subscription to TruthFinder costs less than $30.

Unlimited number of standard background reports. If one report per day, the cost per reportless than 99 cents, and all searches are confidential (ie the person being searched does not know you are looking for his/her information and background).

3-month Membership

The cost of this subscription is less than $26 per month, an unlimited number of standard background reports.

Phone Number Enquiry Plan

Find any number of phone reports for less than $2!


While searching from the homepage, you will be taken to the TruthFinder checkout page, where you can make a payment with a credit card (Visa and Mastercard) or Paypal, or you can log in and pay through the customer dashboard.

How to change the payment

  1. Go to www.truthfinder.com/login
  2. Hover over the "Your Account" link (a drop-down menu appears)
  3. Click the "Payment Settings" link
  4. Add or delete a credit card or Paypal account
  5. Or call (800)699-8081 to contact its customer service team

TruthFinder's statement on the credit card

After purchase, the credit card statement will show TRTHFDR * The fee on TruthFinder.com, or it may show only TRTHFDR.

Best price for online background checks

For less than $30 a month, you can enjoy unlimitedStandard background check. TruthFinder is one of the most affordable public record search engines online.

Even if the price of TruthFinder increases in the future, the renewal price will remain the same.

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