Truthfinder report-reveal all information about anyone in the U.S.

Truthfinder By searching millions of data points, you can find almost any information about everyone in the United States (except protected by law): family, education, social relations, property, address, crime, neighbors, colleagues, scammers, etc., All relevant information (including public records) of the investigator is compiled into an easy-to-read report. The following information will be disclosed in the report:

  1. Amazon Wish List
  2. Arrest record
  3. assets
  4. partner
  5. Bankruptcy information
  6. Census data
  7. Hidden weapons license
  8. company documents
  9. Criminal record
  10. date of birth
  11. Dating profile
  12. learning experience
  13. e-mail
  1. work experience
  2. Hunting license
  3. Location record
  4. Pilot license
  5. Possible judgment
  6. Possible neighbor
  7. Professional license
  8. Owned property
  9. Sex Offenders Database
  10. Social profile
  11. social Security number
  12. trademark
  13. UCC file

personal information

truthfinder personal information
Personal information contained in the first part of the TruthFinder standard report

The content of this part is as follows:

If you want to know whether this person has been married and the actual age, then this is the first part to check.

If the name is very popular, then the results need to be filtered-add middle name, age, and last known status toNarrow the results. If the name is a less common family member, check the "Probable Relatives" section of the TruthFinder report.
truthfinder report sample
Further filter the search results to narrow the scope


Find someone in truthfinder according to the picture

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Maybe you don’t know what this person really looks like, but you may know photos, pictures, or some images circulating about this person on the Internet. These pictures are clues to finding this person.

TruthFinder grabs images from various social media materials and combines them in the report. You can easily identify and verify the search object, whether it is the person you want to find.

Search for yourself in Truthfinder (if you are in the US),See what information is exposed to the public


Sb's job list

In the TruthFinder report, you can find someone's work experience. Strange neighbor who never goes to work? Maybe he is building a technological empire in that basement. Your son's girlfriend said she works in a certain restaurant? However, her work experience proves that she works in a strip club.

hint:People are most likely to lie financially and professionally. If someone lied to you about something, then that person is likely to hide a bigger lie in an important place. Use background checks to verify their stories and measure honesty.


Education background report

Are you curious about the profession of your date? Your friend claimed to have graduated from an Ivy League college. TruthFinder standard reports can reveal educational history, including:

  • School name
  • Professional
  • study-time


List of possible relatives

Through the list of relatives, you can study the genealogy of yourself or others to find out whether someone is married. TruthFinder membership allows unlimited searches, and you can spend hours sifting through the family history of yourself or others.

  • Relative's name
  • age
  • address

If you can’t find a person through a normal search, you can find the person by searching for the person’s relatives. For example, John Smith is not easy to find, but the relatives of Matilda Bennett-Smith have the name John.

If you want to know if someone is married, look for family members who are similar in age and location. Open the report and scroll down to the social media profile or possible photo to confirm.
truthfinder report sample
truthfinder report sample

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truthfinder report sample
List of Social Accounts of Investigated Persons

Contains the following:

  • Secret dating profile
  • Hidden social media accounts
  • The person's blog
  • News reports about this person

Scammers usually create separate social media accounts to secretly use online dating. The TruthFinder report may find some personal data.

You can even see links to their profile on websites such as MeetMe or Twitter. For example, that person MeetMe Is your profile up to date? Did you meet a lady on that secret Facebook account? The truth is done with one click!

Or, I have used a social network or blog before to post some untimely information. However, over time, I forgot all this. Use TruthFinder to look up relevant information about yourself, otherwise, you don’t know when someone else accidentally discovered it. Not only is it extremely embarrassing, but you may also be very passive in many things.

In addition, you have to understand:A liar is a liar, They will not only cheat once, but always cheat others.

You can also use this part of the function to find someone's potential Amazon account and Amazon wishlist, see what he/she is interested in, and give gifts to do what they like.

contact information

Contact information of a company/person
Contact information of a company/person

TruthFinder can help reconnect with lost loved ones. Such reports may include:

  • phone number
  • Type (mobile phone or landline)
  • Prepaid (e.g.,burner phone)
  • Connected or disconnected line
  • email address
Fraudsters basically use secret email addresses to sign up for online dating sites. If you find an email account that you have never heard of before, then be more vigilant. In addition, scammers also use secret phones to communicate with each other! You can use this tool to unearth their secrets.

Location record

Address information report
Address information

By looking at the location history, you can know where someone lives. Do you want to see where the old classmates from years ago ended up? Then take a look at this TruthFinder location report including:

  • Location history map
  • Known address history
Click on View Location Report Button to access the census database.

Search for yourself in Truthfinder (if you are in the US),See what information is exposed to the public

Criminal record

Sb's criminal record search

TruthFinder can access a database of criminal records, which can quickly reveal a person's past crimes, or view criminal charges against that person.

If the person around disappears mysteriously, then the person may have gone to jail. Through TruthFinder, you can find detailed information about the person's case, sentence, and prison. An example of someone is as follows:

Online criminal record
Criminal record

TruthFinder criminal records include:

  • First name and last name
  • Date of crime
  • Place
  • age
  • date of birth
  • State
  • gender
  • Crime description
  • Case type
  • Judgment end date
  • Judgment statement
  • Date of imprisonment
  • Maximum sentence
  • Arrest classification
  • Crime (when arrested)
  • Prison and parole details
  • Date of imprisonment
  • Current prison situation
  • Prison location
Find youFavorite American celebritiesSee what criminal records they have!

Sex offender information

Sex offenders living near me
Are there any sex offenders near my home?

Do you want to know if there is a sex offender near your home? Just search your own name to find any sex offenders living near you. You can even dig out their personal information and what they are accused of.

TruthFinder can also provide facial photos of sex offenders, examples are as follows:

Sex offender report
Mugshots of sex offenders

Social profile

Online social media profiles
Someone's social media profile

What people post on social media largely reflects their personality. TruthFinder digs deep into social networks to reveal accounts related to:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Linkedin
  • Pinterest
  • Google Plus
  • ……

Compared with the general Facebook profile, Twitter trolling and Pinterest porn may have a deeper understanding of the personality of the surveyed person.

Screenshot of Twitter social account
Screenshot of Twitter social account
Screenshot of Linkedin social account
Screenshot of Linkedin social account
Screenshot of Goolge+ account profile
Screenshot of Goolge+ account profile

Of course, if you are investigating a mysterious man or woman, if they are not careful about their profile photos, Facebook may be the first person to reveal the truth.

truthfinder report sample

Search for yourself in Truthfinder (if you are in the US),See what information is exposed to the public

Additional information provided in the TruthFinder report

Below is some additional information included in the TruthFinder report.

Possible relationship

Possible relationship

Possible colleague

Possible colleague


Neighbor report

The report will also provide a complete list of possible neighbors with contact information. Include:

  • name
  • date of birth
  • address
  • phone number

Search for yourself in Truthfinder (if you are in the US),See what information is exposed to the public

Business affiliation

A company information

Is it a real businessman or a liar all the time? Continue to dig:

  • Is there any other business name
  • DUNS code
  • Business address history

Company filing

The following information may be provided in the company's filing report:

  • business type
  • Business name type
  • Mailing address
  • record number
  • DUNS number
  • Registration Type
  • Verification date
  • Date of establishment
  • Filing office address
  • File date
  • SIC number
  • Business contact
  • …….


The report may contain various licenses, including:

Professional license

Salesperson License
Sales license
Dentist business license
Dentist business license
Pilot license
Pilot license

Hunting license

Hunting permit
Hunting permit

FAA pilot license

FAA pilot license

DEA license

DEA license

Hidden weapons license

Hidden weapons license


Property information
Property information

During the divorce, did the couple conceal their property?

Owned property

The property asset report may include:

  • APN
  • Subdivision name
  • Municipality name
  • Municipality code
  • Land value
  • total value
  • The assessed value
  • tax
  • Type of property
  • Land area
  • Tax number area
  • Fair market land value
  • Property value assessed over time
  • ……

Search for yourself in Truthfinder (if you are in the US),See what information is exposed to the public


Bankruptcy report

The bankruptcy report may include the following details:

  • Case number
  • chapter
  • expiration date
  • Filing type
  • Apply for jurisdiction
  • category
  • Bankruptcy chapter
  • court
  • Court code
  • Court location
  • Referee name
  • Referee status
  • application status
  • Dispose of
  • Unsecured assets
  • Meeting date
  • meeting time
  • Meeting address
  • debtor
  • Debtor address
  • Debtor phone number
  • lawyer
  • Agent address
  • Lawyer phone
  • trustee
  • Trustee address
  • Trustee phone
  • ……


Lien report

Reverse phone lookup

Want to know who called or texted you just now?Log inThen find the reverse phone lookup function, and then enter any phone number.

Reverse phone lookup

After entering the phone number, TruthFinder may display the following information.

personal information

Reverse phone lookup

Personal information may include:

  • The name of the phone owner
  • Other people related to the number
  • Known alias
  • Possible photos

Work and education

Reverse phone lookup

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Reverse phone lookup

Introduction to Social Media

Reverse phone lookup
Reverse phone lookup

Of course, you can also find the completeness of anyone you find through a reverse phone callBackground report.

Reverse email lookup

Reverse email lookup

Email address lookup has the same function as reverse phone lookup. You can find:

  • real name
  • Known alias
  • contact information
  • Location record
  • educate
  • Related Links
  • Social profile
Reverse email lookup
Reverse email lookup

Reverse address lookup

I am moving. Do you want to check what information is around the new house? Just enter the address of the house, you can get the following information:

Possible residents

Reverse address lookup


Reverse address lookup

Location details

Reverse address lookup

Almost all real estate information in the United States can be learned through truthfinder. The standard location details report may include the following data:

  • Complete address
  • latitude
  • longitude
  • area
  • Time zone
  • UTC offset
  • Daylight saving time information
  • Location type
  • Location purpose
  • Whether the address can be delivered
  • Whether the address can receive mail
  • Congressional district
  • Congressional land area
  • altitude
  • Financial number
  • Land area

Location map

Reverse address lookup

Census data

Census data may include:

  • Number of single-family houses
  • Number of multi-family housing units
  • Total number of households
  • Average home value
  • Number per household
  • Income per household
  • Number of companies
  • Number of employees
  • Enterprise annual salary
  • Total number of addresses in the delivery area
  • Distribution area enterprise
  • Residential address in delivery area
  • CBSA data
  • MSA data

Search for yourself in Truthfinder (if you are in the US),See what information is exposed to the public

Demographic data

Truthfinder also provides various statistics on the population of the United States. Knowing these data will bring convenience to your life. For example, look at which area/community has less stress in life. If you are interested in food and churches, then maybe you also want your neighbors to do the same.

Demographic data is the best helper to learn more about the community.

Demographic data
Population income data
Population interest data
Population age data

Popular locations

Explore popular places loved by locals and learn more about potential new communities. This is also a great way to find the perfect date spot!

Popular restaurants

Learn about places frequented by locals and discover a variety of cuisines. Next time you travel out of town, look for your hotel to find popular attractions near you!

Top entertainment venue

Entertainment venue data
Bar/Nightlife Data
Park/outdoor play data information

Search for yourself in Truthfinder (if you are in the US),See what information is exposed to the public

FBI Crime Statistics

No one wants to move to an area where crime is rampant. You can use TruthFinder reverse address lookup to check the security near you!

FBI crime statistics
Crime data in a city
Crime data in a city
Crime trend data
Comparison of crime data for two consecutive years

Several cases of using TruthFinder

Looking for potential dates or crushes

If you are a child studying in the United States and want to find a lover through a dating site, it is best to use TruthFinder to investigate each other's situation before signing up for an online dating service. For example, according to the survey, as many as 50% online daters are actually in love. It is also possible that through a simple search, the other party is actually a liar wandering around!

Or, you may discover the other party’s criminal record, financial problems, weird photos on social media, or dirty history. TruthFinder allows you to avoid the danger of communication.

Looking for separated family members

Some people use TruthFinder to find their biological parents or separated family members.

Search for celebrities or public figures

If you are interested in all kinds of celebrity gossip information, such as Justin Bieber's criminal record, or the email address of your favorite celebrity, truthfinder can do it.

Study the neighbors next door

How much do you really know about your neighbors? If they look a little suspicious, it's best to investigate. Find criminal records, past arrests, and even traffic violations on TruthFinder.

Manage your own online reputation

Are you hiding an embarrassing secret from your past? Do you have any forgotten social media profiles or long-lost blogs? Search for yourself and see what other people can know about you!

Check criminal record

One of the main motivations for using TruthFinder is to find criminal records. If someone in your life hides a dangerous secret, don't you want to know it?

Search for yourself in Truthfinder (if you are in the US),See what information is exposed to the public

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