4 Easy Steps to Find Anyone on PeopleFinders just by Name

PeopleFinders It extracts information from a variety of official, publicly accessible resources (i.e., public records) in the United States, including addresses, birth, criminal and property records, and more. This article demonstrates how to find all information about a person in PeopleFinders using just their name.

1. Enter your name on the homepage

Let's say you're looking for a guy named Peter Rodger who only knows that he lives in Florida and nothing else. Visit the PeopleFinders home page and enter " Peter Rodger ",As shown below:

After that, click next tosearch"button,

2. Filter preliminary search results

After searching, it was found that 39 people matchedinitial search condition. On this page, PeopleFinders lists the ages, full addresses, and relatives of these individuals. According to these conditions, further confirmation, after finding the person, click on the right"View Details"button.

3. Accept the terms

At this step, click" I understand – please build my report"Accept the terms and state that this information will not be used for unlawful purposes.

4. Generate the report

Here, the user is presented with two reporting options:

  • Search Report: Full Name, Current Address, Phone Number, Previous Address, Relatives, Previous Names, Age/Date of Birth
  • Background reports: In addition to the information above, include neighbor information, property records, criminal records, court decisions, public records, and more.

However, there is a fee for these reports.

  • Search reports: $0.95. Valid for 3 days, unlimited searches
  • Background report: $3.95. Valid for 3 days, unlimited searches

After paying, download the full report.

Try typing your own or someone else's name

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