3 steps to know if anyone blocked/blocked themselves on Snapchat

If you suspect that you have been blocked by a Snapchat user, you can confirm by following these steps:

Overview of operation steps

  • If there has been a chat recently, it should appear in the conversation. If not, then you may be blocked.
  • When searching for a username or full name, I can’t find anyone who blocked me on Snapchat.
  • On other devices, use another account to search for a user. If this user appears in the search, it means that you have been blocked by this person.

How to know if you are blocked by others on Snapchat

The following operation method can determine if someone has blocked/blocked you on Snapchat.

  1. Check recent conversations.The first main clue is to see if they appear in your chat history. (This step is only useful if you have had a conversation with these users before.)

    Click the bubble icon at the bottom of the screen to the left of the camera button to find the conversation tab.
    I’ve talked to a user, but didn’t appear inChat In the list, there is a problem, but further confirmation is needed.

    Chat button on Snapchat for iOS

    Or, there was no conversation recently, or the history was cleared (but forgot). If this is the case, please proceed to the next step.
  2. Search for the username or full name of these people.

    If a user blocked you, then if you search in Snapchat, the person will not appear in the search results. However, if this person removes you from the "Friends" list, you can find this person by searching.

    Blocked and deletedthe difference:

    If a user blocks you, you won’t find any trace of that person’s account, and you can’t be contacted in any way.

    If a user deletes you from their "friends" list, they can still be found in the "friends" list and can continue to send them snapshots. However, if they set privacy and only allow their friends to contact them, these people may not receive your messages.

    Find out who blocked it, in conversation or snap On the tab, click the search function marked with a magnifying glass icon at the top of the screen, and enter the user name or full name you want to find.

    The search field in Snapchat for iOS

    Remark: If you know the user name, the search results are very accurate, because the user name is unique. Although the full name can be changed at any time, the user name is permanent.

    If they appear in the search results, they are stillMy FriendsAmong. If they delete you from the Friends list, you will beAdd Friends.

    After searching for the exact username, there are still no results, then this person either blocked you or deleted his Snapchat account.
  3. Use another account to search for the username or full name.Not found in the last step, it is likely to stop you; however, this is still not enough to confirm this. You can check whether their account still exists by searching from another account. There are two options:
    • Ask a friend to search for the user from their account.
    • Log out of the account, and then create a brand new account to search for that user.

      If you create a new Snapchat account, you must log out of your existing Snapchat account.

      Register button on Snapchat for iOS

      Snapchat requires full name, birthday, username, password and phone number (or email address).

      Now, go ahead and either ask a friend for help, or repeat the above steps with a new account. If the user account you are looking for is found, it is sufficient to confirm that it is indeed blocked.

If none of the above steps work, these people may have deleted their accounts.

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