How to create and manage public profile on Snapchat

SnapchatPublic informationYou can show your creativity and help fans find themselves on Snapchat. Read this article to learn how to edit public materials, and to answer questions such as assigning and managing roles, using insights, story answers, and citations.

Edit Snapchat Public Profile (Public Profile)

Edit your own Public Profile, add profile, photos, and other public information you want fans to see.

Edit Public ProfileMethods as below:

  1. Click the Bitmoji or Story icon at the top to enterMy Profileinterface
  2. Under Profile Management, clickPublic Profilecard
  3. Click onEdit
Edit Snapchat public profile (Public Profile) example

How to assign and manage roles in Snapchat (Role)

Assign roles to trusted Snapchatters to help manage your own Public Profile; also assignRoleAssign to as many Snapchatters as possible.

When assigning roles, pay attentionusernameTo be correct.

Role AssignmentsMethods as below:

  1. Click ⚙️, and then open in My ProfileSettings
  2. Click onManage Roles
  3. Click onAssign New Role
  4. Enter the Snapchatter username and select the role

You will be notified when a new role is added. If it is not a friend of the Snapchatter, then the person needs to accept the "role" request in its "Settings".

You and the admin can delete roles at any time, or you can delete roles in the Public Profile.

If you need to change the role, click in the settingsManage Roles

Types of roles and permissions

Different types of roles can be assigned to Snapchatters. Different roles have different types of permissions, as well as access permissions to public materials.

For example, a character with a snapshot addition function can see the option of Public Story on the Send To screen.

Let's learn about different types of roles and their functions.

Profile manager(Profile Admin)

The Admin administrator can manage public materials, add or delete any snapshots from public stories, assign roles, and view insights. Administrators cannot delete access to their own public information.

Profile collaborator(Profile Collaborator)

Personal profile collaborators can view account data analysis and can add or delete any snapshots from the public story.

Story contributor(Story Contributor)

The story provider can view all past snapshots, as well as add, delete, and view insights on the snapshots.

Insight Viewer(Insights Viewer)

The insight viewer can view your own insights.

Snapchat insights and activities

Click onInsightsTags, learn more about the audience and how they interact with their content, and various other information.

Recent stories and 28-day summary

existRecentIn each story title, coverage (unique viewers) and number of snapshots are displayed. Click on the story title to view snapshots, scope, screenshots, and interactions. In addition, check the "28-day summary" for the latest trends.

Notice: Advanced statistics are only applicable to new snapshots released from the current day, and can be deleted at any time.

Story insights

Click onSee MoreTo learn more about this. In Insights, click on the statistics to view the graph of participation over 7 days or 28 days.

In the story, all past snapshots are grouped in a 24-hour window, and can be filtered by indicators (coverage, story view, story view percentage, and average viewing time) to compare past stories.

Target Audience

Check how many subscribers you have and find out the gender breakdown, popular locations, and popular interests of the story’s audience over the past 28 days.

Click onSee More, Further through the Snapchat lifestyle category, understand the interest of the target audience, you can also compare by age, gender, category and location.


Through the Activity tab, track the publishing activities of all roles that have been assigned to "Public Profile".

Introduction to Snapchat Insights

How to create highlights on Snapchat (Highlights)

Through Highlights, you can permanently display your favorite public snapshots, photos, and collections on the Public Profile.

How to add Highlights:

  1. Click profile under Profile Management, and then enterHighlights
  2. Click onCreate New Highlight
  3. Click the "+" button to add new content to Highlight, and then clickImport
  4. View and edit Highlight
  5. Select the title and cover photo, then clickFinishPut Highlight in the public profile
Example of creating Highlights on Snapchat

When submitting snaps to Spotlight, you can also download fromSend To screenAdded to Highlights. This feature is enabled by default, or you can choose to turn it off. 

After highlight is added, Spotlight snapshots can be updated or deleted at any time.

How to update or delete Spotlight snapshots

Add a lens (Lens) to your Snapchat profile

pass throughLens StudioUploadLens, After the lens is activated, it will be automatically added to the "Public Profile"Lens"Tab. 

Snapchat story reply and quote

Use Replies and Quoting to have meaningful conversations around the published story.

View Story Repliesmethod:

  1. Click onPublic Story
  2. Swipe up to view insights and responses
  3. Click onreplyView the complete message and reply
  4. Swipe down to view full screen snapshot

QuotingIt is a fan tool. Its function is to make it easier for shared subscribers to reply to public stories. Using this tool allows subscribers to reply and interact with themselves.

You can even mix things up and ask them questions, and when you quote fans, they will also be notified.

Reply with quote

  1. Click on Quote button (Reply to the right), share the story
  2. The reply will be overlaid on the "Camera" screen as a sticker.fastShare your reaction or response. 
  3. Can be on the screenDrag or resize the label,To edit snap
  4. When ready to add to the public story,Click on the bottom right cornerPress the send buttonButton

You can select the ones you don’t want to see in the "Profile Settings"Mute specific words or phrases.

The mute method is as follows:

  1. Tap ⚙️ in the upper right corner of the Public Profile Management page
  2. Tap Edit Muted Words
  3. Click onAdd Muted WordsTo include moreword, Or click " x "To delete the existingword

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