How to Record Facecam with Filmora

Filmora is a user-friendly tool with many features. In addition to capturing Facecam and screen recording, the software also excels at basic video editing. Whether you are a beginner or intermediate, you can use this program. Below are the outlined steps to capture a Facecam with Filmora.  

step 1:install and start

 First, install the software on your computer orsmart phone, and then start the application to process the video.

Record computer screen-screen recording

Step 2: Choose a recording method

Choose to record with the built-in or external webcam; choose to record a voiceover or capture both the screen and Facecam.

Click Record Screen and wait for Wondershare Filmora Scrn to pop up on the screen.

Movie recording settings

Step 3: Check Quality

Click the settings icon in the lower right corner of the window to adjust the video quality or change its frame.Filmora Screen Recorder FeaturesThe entire screen can be captured, as well as the option to capture specific parts of the desired screen, as shown in the image below:

filmora recording webcam

Step 4: Choose a save location

Optionally connect an external microphone if desired, as well as:

  • Select the destination to save the record,
  • Choose video quality
  • Choose a frame rate.

Filmora provides an option for all mouse click sounds, but to disable it, tick "Show mouse clicks" in the Recording checkbox.

Click the Record camera stream checkbox at the bottom of the Filmora Scrn window to record video using the built-in webcam, or select an external webcam connected to your PC from the drop-down menu.

After a capture session, it saves the captured video at the chosen destination and automatically appears in the media library.


How to record Facecam?

to be recordingvideo gamesThe screen records your face at the same time, a Facecam recorder is required. This will record and display the face in a specific corner of the screen with an overlay.

How to record screen and Facecam on Windows 10?

Windows 10 comes with a built-in feature that allows users to record on-screen activity with a tap. Windows 10 tool to create screen and record Facecam video at the same time. With this, it is possible to record games or create tutorials.

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