Top 6 Free Screen Recording Apps on the Apple Store

If you want to learn about screen recording on iPad, just follow the guide below. In the age of technology, everyone uses widgets and different devices to entertain and facilitate themselves. Among laptops, PCs, and mobile devices, the iPad has a slightly larger advantage. The shape and size of the iPad are its strengths, and it's moderately sized for easy portability and use. It can be said that iPad is the perfect combination of laptop and mobile phone.

Screen recording is an important feature that every device should offer. Because people prefer iPad screen recording when creating app demos, gameplay videos, or tutorials.

How to Screen Record on iPad

iOS devices work differently.same as iPhone, the iPad can also do screen recording, but there are specific procedures to follow.

Enable screen recording settings

The iPad's screen recording process begins by enabling the screen recording feature in Settings. You can never record anything on your iOS device until this feature is enabled. Follow the steps shared below to do this.

Step 1: First, go to set up apply, then findin controlheart option. Click on the Control Center screencustom controloptions. hit it.

Step 2: Fromcustomizesection, findscreen recording. If it has a green plus sign next to it, it means it's not enabled. Click the plus sign to enable it, but if it has a red minus sign next to it, it's already enabled.

Enable screen recording

Start screen recording on iPad

Step 1 To start screen recording on the iPad, swipe down from the top right corner of the screen to control center.

Step 2: Then, click record button.Record The button looks like a big circle with a small shaded circle. After a 3-second countdown, the button turns red to start recording.

Click the screen recording icon

Step 3: Finally, when the screen recording is complete, tap the recording indicator and select stop options. You can also click again record button to stop recording from Control Center.

stop recording on ipad

Best iPad Screen Recording Software

Wondershare Filmora

Wondershare Filmora

Filmora is a simple yet powerful video editor for iPad that enables you to quickly and easily create video stories from video clips, photos and music. The software has three different screen recording options.

  1. Record from Webcam: Record video and audio with webcam
  2. Record Voiceover:record voiceover The ability to record your own voice to add narration to the video
  3. Record PC Screen: Used to record anything that happens on the PC screen
Wondershare Filmora

Filmora Screen Recorder Not only can you record the "full screen" of your PC, you can also record any specific screen from the "Target Window" option, or select the "Custom" option and set it up as you like.

The settings can be customized freely. For example, recording quality, recording time, and also the desired "frame rate" can be set.

Record it! :: Screen Recorder

Record it! :: Screen Recorder

Record it to record application demos, gameplay videos or any other type of tutorial. The app allows adding reaction videos and comments after the recording is complete.

  • Recorded video files can be shared directly to YouTube.
  • The app exports media very quickly and easily
  • The recording app supports video from the camera roll.

Screen Recorder +

Screen Recorder +

Another best screen recorder for iPad is "Screen Recorder+", which can edit videos in addition to providing high-quality recording videos.

  • Use the Face Cam to record your reactions and add them to your video.
  • With this app, you can add comments and voiceovers to videos using the microphone.
  • Your reaction sections can be played and personalised by setting the position as desired.

Go Record: Screen Recorder

Another screen recorder for iOS users to record fun stuff, tutorials and app demos is Go Record:

  • One of the unique features offered by this app is the participation of the Face Cam.
  • By using the Face Cam, facial expressions can be recorded and added to your final presentation or tutorial, which will make your content interesting and engaging.
  • The microphone can be used to add comments to the video.

DU Recorder – Screen Recorder

DU Recorder – Screen Recorder

DU Recorder is very reliable and very simple to use.The app is powerful, for high-quality screen recording on iPad. It's impressive features:

  • The app can live stream your screen to different platforms like YouTube, Facebook and Twitch.
  • Recording is possible.
  • Supports recording using both the microphone and the internal audio at the same time.

Screen Recorder – AZ Recorder 

Screen Recorder – AZ Recorder 

The last best screen recorder for iPad is AZ Recorder. By using this application it is possible to add audio sound and reaction video on the screen.

  • With AZ Recorder, external video can be easily imported and edited.
  • By capturing reactions and recording audio, you can perform multiple tasks with this efficient app.
  • AZ recorder allows its users to adjust and resize the Face Cam.

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