How to log out of the US tracing website-PeekYou【Delete your private data】

useU.S. search sitePeekYou can delete all kinds of private information from their public directory with a very simple exit application form.

  1. existPeekYouSearch yourself on.

    PeakYou Homepage Search
  2. After finding the correct entry, select the name, you can also useSearch Tools Button to filter the results.

    PeekYou search results
  3. In the browser address bar, copy the last number.

    PeekYou URL
  4. fill inPeekYou OptOut formAnd fill in all the fields inUnique IDEnter the number you just copied in the box.
  5. Check to agree to the terms, then select Submit.

    PeekYou exit form
  6. Open the email from PeekYou and click on the longer URL to confirm. Then select the long URL to confirm that you want to remove the information from their website. (This email may be inspam).

    Opt out of PeekYou request email

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