How to log out of (ie delete your information from it)

RadarisWill not suffer any legal consequences for sharing people's private information, because the collected data is legal. However, if you find your own information on such websites and want to protect your privacy, you can delete the information related to yourself.

To delete your information from Radaris, first use its public records to find yourself, and then verify, the specific steps are as follows:

  1. Visit Radaris

  2. Use the text box to search for yourself

    Radaris search box

  3. Select on the resultFull Profile

    Jon Fisher search results for radaris

  4. chooseBackground Check & Contact Info(Background check and contact information) Button next to the small arrow and selectControl Info.

  5. choose Control information.

    radaris control information page

  6. Login to delete data.

    radaris login page

  7. Enter the real name verification in the space, and enter the phone number at the same time, and then clickSend code.

    radaris declares this profile page

    If you have logged in to Radaris in the past and deleted your information, you will not see this page because your identity has been verified. Skip to step 10.

  8. After entering the verification code received, please enter the verification code on their website, and then clickSubmit.

    Screenshot of radaris verification code

  9. chooseView Profile.

    radaris view profile button

  10. Select again from the small menuControl Info.

    (Jonathan G Fisher)'s profile

  11. chooseManage Info.

    Radaris Management Information Button

  12. Next to your profile, selectDelete specific records.

    Radaris deletes specific records

  13. Scroll through the list of records and tick the checkboxes next to everything you want to delete from Radaris.

    Delete selected record

  14. Scroll to the very bottom and select Delete selected record.

    Radaris delete selected record button
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