How to log out of (delete your private information)

AlthoughWhitepagesNot allowed to edit the information they have, Nor can you delete this information. However, Whitepages provides a way to hide your information from its website. uses the same information as on Whitepages, so deleting your personal data through the following steps also applies to
  1. exist Whitepages HomeSearch yourself

    whitepages homepage
  2. Next to your own message, select View Details 

    jonathan fisher white page search results
  3. From the navigation bar, copy the URL to the profile page.

    White page copy url
  4. Open Whitepages Submit a Request form And paste the link intoListing URLBox. Also, select from the first drop-down menu I need to edit or remove a listing, And then answer the other questions as accurately as possible to fill out the rest of the form.

    White page submission request page
  5. Select at the bottom of the formSubmit .
  6. If other information is needed, Whitepages will contact you proactively.