Top Ten Google Search Engines-Do you know all of them?

Everyone is familiar with the Google search engine: In fact, in addition to this one, Google has othersearch engineAnd techniques, such as currency exchange, local weather forecast, movie time, and stock quotes.

These vertical search engines are all integrated into Google, and they look no different from regular Google search, and you can only see them when you adjust the search settings. Moreover, some of Google's search engines are independent search engines with their own URLs.

Google Scholar

Screenshot of Google Scholar page

Google Scholar is a vertical search engine dedicated to academic research. It ranks pages by considering the source (some journals are more authoritative than others) and the number of citations (citation ranking). Some researchers and some studies are more authoritative than others. Citation counting (the number of times a particular paper is cited by other papers) is a widely used method of measuring authority. This method is also applied by Google to PageRank. .

Google Patent

Screenshot of google patents search page

Google Patents is one of the more hidden Google vertical search engines, and its URL is 

Google Patent Search can search patents around the world by title, subject keywords, and other identifiers. You can also use Google's patent search engine as a top-level portal for research by combining Google Patents and Google Scholar results.

Google Shopping

Screenshot of Google Shopping Search Page

Google Shopping (previously known as Froogle and Google Product Search) is Google’s shopping search engine, which can also be used for casual browsing (shopping trends), searching for specific products and in-depth comparison shopping. You can filter your search by vendor, price range, or local availability. 

Google Finance

Screenshot of Google Finance search example

Google Finance is a vertical search engine and portal website dedicated to stock quotes and financial news, where you can search for specific companies, view trends, or track your personal investment portfolio. 

Google News

Screenshot of Google News search page

The similarity between Google News and Google Finance is that it is both a content portal and a search engine. The Google News homepage is like a newspaper, a newspaper made up of a large number of different newspapers. However, Google News also contains information from blogs and other non-traditional media sources. 

You can customize the layout of Google News and search for specific news items. Or set up Google Alerts to receive notifications about news events on topics that interest you.

Google Trends

Google Trends Search Screenshot

Google Trends(Formerly known as Google Zeitgeist) is a search engine in search engines. Google Trends measures the volatility and relative popularity of search terms over time. You can use it to measure the overall trend of a certain keyword, or compare the keyword ratio for a certain keyword in a specific time period.

For example, in the example image above, the comparison is the sameTracing siteGiants in:SpokeowithBeenverifiedSearch trends can be clearly seen-on a global scale,Spokeo is more popular with users.

The overall trend represents a change in popularity, not an absolute search volume ranking.

Google Flights

google flights search screenshot

Google Flights is a search engine specifically used to search for flights. It is used to search and compare the flight information of most airlines around the world (some airlines, such as Southwest Airlines, choose not to participate in the results), and according to airlines, prices, Filter search results by flight time, number of stops, and departure or arrival time.

Google Books

google book search screenshot

Google Books is a search engine for finding information about printed books around the world.

Google scanned millions of books from libraries and universities around the world to create an online library that anyone can access online. A large part of these books are no longer in print and unavailable for purchase. For books in the public domain, users can download the pdf of the book for free; otherwise, the content of the book is limited to a few pages containing the search criteria. It also provides some useful information, such as the ISBN number or where to buy the book.

Google Videos

Screenshot of Google video search page

Google Videos used to be a video upload service created by Google as a competitor of YouTube. In the end, Google gave up the idea of building a video service on its own and bought YouTube instead. Google merged the video streaming function of Google Videos into YouTube and launched Google Videos as a video search engine. 

Google Custom Search Engine

Screenshot of Google Custom Search Engine page

When all other methods fail, then make your own vertical search engine. Google Custom Search Engine allows you to conduct your own professional vertical search. Moreover, Google Custom Search Engine results display inline ads, just like standard Google search results.

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