The 18 best email and personal address query websites in 2021

Looking for someone online? Want to find someone's email address? Use the most effective directories andSearch People,YesFind emailThe best choice, you can also find the phone number, address (house), social media account, etc. belonging to an individual.


Best e-mail search site and address directory: spokeo

Spokeo's reverse email search function can display detailed information about email users, such as names, photos, videos, social network profiles, blogs, and non-email contact information.


  • Easy to use.
  • Cost-effective.
  • Great for finding someone’s social media account.


  • The report does not include work experience.

People Finders

Best e-mail search site and address directory: people finders

People Finders is a large people search website and public records database, with more than 43 billion records and more than 6,000 data sources.


  • Before payment, the found and unfound results can be separated.
  • Display results quickly.


  • Detailed information requires payment.
  • An additional fee is charged for email reports.
  • Paypal is not accepted.


Best e-mail search site and address directory: pipl

Pipl is a tool website that searches databases and directories in real time, such as ICQ, Amazon profile, Flickr or SEC records, for findingsearch engineInformation not found.


  • The search is carried out in real time.
  • Connect publicly available online and offline information from millions of sources.


  • If there is only one name, the search results are inaccurate.
  • The price is high.


Best e-mail search site and address directory: intelius

By accessing public records, Intelius fully provides Americans (or resides in the United States) email addresses and the private information behind them.


  • Comprehensive and accurate reports.
  • Premium membership provides unlimited monthly searches.
  • Reasonable tiered pricing.


  • The degree of thoroughness depends on the payment standard (tiered subscription).
  • Search results may be inconsistent.
  • Unable to download report.


Best email search site and address directory: linkedin

LinkedIn is a well-known global professional social networking site, you can search for people by name, industry, company, region, etc.


  • One of the most popular professional networks, with more than 690 million users worldwide.
  • Powerful profile creation tool.
  • You can search for people based on skills.


  • Customer service needs improvement.
  • Profiles are easy to fake (profiles are not necessarily real).


Best e-mail search site and address directory: LexisNexis

LexisNexis is a realPublic recordAnd private database, it is the world's largest electronic database of legal and public record information.


  • 84 billion public records from more than 10,000 sources.
  • Very suitable for mining litigation records.
  • Continually updated.


  • For legal professionals (the site is highly professional).


Best e-mail search site and address directory: peoplesmart

PeopleSmart features that after finding a person, you can forward the message to that person's email address to get in touch with them. In addition, PeopleSmart can passReverse searchEmail to find someone.


  • The information is extensive.
  • Various methods of tracing people.
  • Easy to use.


  • It is inconvenient to read the report.
  • Accuracy may be affected.
  • The report could not be downloaded.


Best e-mail search site and address directory: facebook

Facebook is the world's largest social networking site. Almost everyone needs their own Facebook account. You can search for people on Facebook by university, company, school or name.


  • The filtering function is powerful.
  • The number of users is huge.


  • Many people set the profile to private.
  • A large user base means too many search results.
  • The information may be inaccurate.

How to use Facebook to find someone


Best e-mail search site and address directory: yasni

Yasni searches social networks, networks, blogs, Amazon wishlists, and its own records to find people. If the search has no results, you can create a missing person advertisement here.


  •  Aggregate search results from external sources.
  • Receive new search results via email.
  • Advertisements for missing persons can be posted.


  • Private issues.


Best e-mail search site and address directory: freshaddress

FreshAddress can associate old and new email addresses together, and the database is always up-to-date


  • Delete the returned email address, one-time domain name, etc.
  • The email list is continuously updated.
  • Provide free email list cleaning tools.


  • There are many ads.
  • No in-depth information is provided.


Best email search site and address directory: emailsherlock

EmailSherlock searches through directories,Public recordAnd network services (such as online calendars) to mine the data and detailed information of the people behind the email address.


  • Reverse email search.
  • Free.
  • You can search major email services and social media.


  • In-depth information costs money.
  • Redirect to a third-party site.


Best e-mail search site and address directory: mylife

MyLife is a well-reputed person tracing platform. As long as you enter your name and approximate age, you will usually find the person you are looking for.


  • The profile contains various information.
  • Provide public ratings.


  • Only paying users can delete public pages.


Best e-mail search site and address directory: Infotracer

InfoTracer collects publicly available information—social security records, blogs, business ownership, etc.—and can be searched by name, location, and email address.


  • The report is comprehensive.
  • Can be tried for five days.
  • Rich report types.


  • expensive.
  • There is no mobile app.
  • Most reports have no details.


Best e-mail search site and address directory: Beenverified

BenVerified is a search for people and public records that can help you find social network profiles and photos, property and assets, bankruptcy information, and more.


  • Cross-check millions of data points and dozens of data sources.
  • Including work experience.
  • Search for the person who called or texted.


  • Property reports are run separately.
  • Certain information (such as email address and marital status) may be inaccurate.
  • The price is high.


Best e-mail search site and address directory: XING

XING is an employment-oriented German social networking site that provides services for professionals in small world networks. It is very popular in Europe and has users in more than 200 countries.


  • More than 18 million members.
  • Provide special ambassador programs for cities with a large user base.
  • Mobile applications are available.


  • Mainly focus on the German market.


Best e-mail search site and address directory: icq

ICQ is the originator of modern communication applications. Search the ICQ user directory using multiple criteria to find old and new friends and their email addresses. (A few decades ago, almost everyone had an ICQ account, just like FaceBook.)


  • Registration is simple.
  • People can only see your ICQ number at first.
  • ICQ can show people you know.


  • The number of users continues to decline.
  • The accuracy of the information depends on the users themselves.


Best e-mail search site and address directory: peekyou

PeekYou is a well-known people tracing website, mainly used to query Canadian and American information. You can search for personal information/contact information by name, company or school. The index has more than 250 million people.


  • Get basic search results for free.
  • Search by user name.
  • Extract data from various sites.


  • There are many ads.
  • Basically only query information about U.S. and Canadian personnel


Best e-mail search site and address directory: thatsthem

ThatsThem is a free personnel search site that provides personal phone numbers, postal addresses, e-mail addresses, postal addresses and other information, or through e-mail addressesReverse lookupIn order to find the person you are looking for.


  • Multiple search options.
  • Free.
  • Including personality test.


  • Search results are mixed.
  • There is no function other than basic search.

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