Top 8 Free & Paid Cell Phone Number Tracker (2023)

How to find someone's current location through a mobile phone number, and where the owner of the mobile phone has been within a certain period of time. These mobile phone number trackers in this article can be used as a tool for parents to protect their children, for example, whether their current location is safe. For some couples, they may want to know where the other party has been recently.

The mobile positioning software introduced in this article are all the ones with the highest Internet reputation and are widely used in the mobile phone market. It can be downloaded not only on its official website, but also in the Apple app and Google play, so you can install and use it with confidence.

Localize Mobile Location Services Mobile Number Tracking Service

This is the simplest and fastest real-time location of a mobile phone number. It supports various cell phone types and provides global cell phone positioning. Just enter phone number to track its location in real time.

How Localize works: Send a message to the target mobile phone, which contains a link. When the other party clicks the link, you will know his/her location. (Of course, the content of this message can be written as needed.).

Tips: The advantage is that you needn't to touch the target phone, the disadvantage is that the mobile's owner needs to click the link.

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Flexispy Phone Number Tracker

As the name suggests, Flexispy is also a spy app, tracking phone number location is itsFunctionone. Unlike other tools, the software's "animated" demonstration feature allows you to visually see the exact route of the target phone. That is: not only the current location can be displayed, but also how the mobile phone owner got to that location.

In addition, as a phone monitoring software, it also has a relatively outstanding function: in the process of talking with the other party's mobile phone, you can clearly hear the background sound around the phone owner.

Note: This tool is not free, but provides 24-hour free trial.

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eyeZy mobile phone surveillance solution

eyeZy is not only a cell phone locator tool, but also a complete cell phone monitoring solution that allows viewing pictures, videos and apps to understand what children are saying on social media without the target cell phone user noticing. Also, you can use this APP to prevent your spouse from engaging in activities you do not like, viewing and controlling the websites he/she visits. This tool can not only display the current geographic coordinates (longitude and latitude) of the target phone, but also display it on the google map.

Note: This tool is not free (because mobile phone tracking is just one of many features.) but currently provides special price.

  • Device trackers can provide the real-time location of a device remotely and without detection.
  • A record of the device's past location is also available.
  • The app can track important details related to the device like call logs, contacts, messages, browser history, etc.
  • Compatible with Android and iOS

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mSpy Mobile Location Tracker

mSpy Mobile Location Tracker

Since its inception in 2010, mSpy has quickly grown into one of the most popular and recognizable mobile spying apps in the world. Not only is the app reliable, easy to set up, and available for both iOS and Android phones, but it also provides users with a clear analysis of their smartphone activity, with phone location capabilities being just one of its many spying features.

  • Provides the real-time location of the device remotely.
  • Get a record of your phone's past locations.
  • The app can track important details related to the device like call logs, contacts, messages, browser history, etc.

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Truthfinder people search sites

Truthfinder Phone Number Locator

Truthfinder is a well-known people search engine. Although it cannot query the real-time location of a mobile phone, you can find the historical location of a certain phone number through truthfinder, as well as all relevant information about the number, such as the name, address, family members, and relatives of the phone owner. relationships, criminal history, and evenNeighborRelevant information (this is very valuable for parents of children studying in the United States. If the children live off-campus, then a word query on the address can clearly know the information of the surrounding people, whether they have a criminal history, whether they have ever been sexual predator).

Note: Basic information is free, but Truthfinder will form all advanced information into a report for users to download, which requires payment. The trial version (just $1) can be used as many times as you want for 5 days.

  • Works with any phone number
  • Their phone number can be found by name search
  • Can find out all location history of a phone number
  • Perform dark web searches to unearth more hidden information
  • However, all names and phone numbers must be restricted to those within the United States

Visit Truthfinder to search for the test by entering the name of yourself, a friend or relative (U.S. only)

Another famous phone number reverse lookup tool Intelius, as long as $0.95 can be used for 7 days, unlimited number of queries.

FamiSafe Live Phone Tracker

FamiSafe mobile phone location software can remotely provide the real-time accurate location of the mobile phone, the target user will not know that they are being tracked. Moreover, as a parent tool with relatively complete functions, it can not only know the child's current whereabouts and where he has been before, but also set restrictions on the devices used by the child, such as blocking bad websites, setting up geo-fences, etc.

  • accurate trackingThe real-time location of the target device.
  • Get details about the target user's past location history and routes taken.
  • Advanced features like geofencing
  • Block (or unblock) any app or website remotely.
  • Set time or location restrictions for devices.
  • No need to root or jailbreak the device.

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Glympse Free Phone Location Tracker

Glympse is a rated 4.8 app to track iPhone location for free, fast and easy to use and share real-time location with the help of GPS tracking and also share one location with multiple people.

What's more, Glympse is built with privacy in mind, following the rules of your iOS device, using a dynamic map for tracking, and no registration required to view locations.

After downloading and installing the app, select "Request Location" or "Share Location" from the options, choose when you want to share your location, and tap "Share."

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Life360: Find Family & Friends

Find Family & Friends by Life360 is a high-quality tracking app and a handy communication tool that can track the location of family and friends in the most convenient way, suitable for cross-platform location sharing between Android and iOS, which is location and tracking friends and familymoving positionOne of the best free apps.

The difference with other family locator apps is that users are automatically notified when someone leaves or arrives at a designated location, which means that there is no need to keep an eye on the target's real-time location (for that matter, the iPhone also has this feature) .

Additionally, Life360 has recently added a new feature. In the event of an accident, loved ones are notified with an alert. Driving detection is also one of the newest additions to the Life360 app's capabilities, providing drivers with very useful information including top speed reports, driving duration, trip maps and more.

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