6 Helpful Tips to Find Someone with FaceBook

Using Facebook to find people is a good way, and Facebook is currently the largest social networking site, so the chances of finding people are very high.

Facebook allows users to add various information about themselves in their personal data. Because Facebook is to close people's distance through information sharing, we can find friends, old colleagues, neighbors, or family members we know before through Facebook.

Facebook is not the only way to find people on the Internet. If you don’t know the person’s name, don’t have friends in common, or these people don’t use Facebook, then you need a special People search engine.

Search by name on Facebook to find someone

Facebook search results
Facebook search results

After logging in to Facebook, enter your name in the top search bar, and then filter the results to narrow the scope.


  • If you just want to find someone, you can select People at the top to avoid searching for business pages, events, and other content.
  • Use the filter on the left to narrow the results. For example, use the name and Education filter to find old classmates (select school), or use Work to find the names of colleagues who have worked together.
  • You can find this person on Facebook even if you are not associated with that person. Select Choose a City, Choose a School, Choose a Company, you can Find a profile that contains information about this person.

Search school on Facebook to find someone

Search school on Facebook to find someone
Search school on Facebook to find someone

If you don’t know someone’s specific name, you can still find that person on Facebook. For example, you can also find this person through their school, as follows:

Search for a school on Facebook, then select People, and list the school by profile to filter the results. Many Facebook users will add schools to their personal profiles, so it is easier to find people using schools.

Find people through Facebook friends

Facebook profile shows work friends
Facebook profile shows work friends

If the person may have a relationship with their Facebook friends, you can find them through the Facebook friends function, which is also one of the best ways to find someone.

For example, if the person has worked, went to school, or lived in the same place with himself or a friend, then finding mutual friends is the best way to find someone.

There are several methods:

  • View the profile of a friend, and then select Friends to view all of their friends. Or search the entire list to see their recently added friends, as well as friends from groups, such as workplace, hometown, or school.
  • Another way to search for friends and friends is to look at people you may knowPage.
  • Use Friends of Friends to filter search results.

Search for people in Public Groups

Facebook Liberal Group and Person Search

Groups are another way to find people on Facebook.

If you know the person’s hobbies, then you can look for them in the relevant group.

Type group in the search bar at the top, and select Groups from the menu. After entering the group page, open Members and search.

To view its members, you can select Public Groups (closed groups must be members before you can see other members).

Search for phone number on Facebook to find someone

Search for phone number on Facebook to find someone

If you want to know who called you, you can use Facebook as a reverse number search: just type the phone number in the search bar.

Although this method may not be able to find the post that contains the phone number, but it is likely to find the previous post, these posts may contain the information you are looking for, this is an easy way to find the phone number of an old friend.

Use Facebook to search for relevant information

Google image search to find people
Google image search to find people

You can also find other social accounts of this person through Facebook, such as Twitter, Pinterest, online dating and other accounts.

Each Facebook profile has a unique username at the end of the URL. Search for that username in Google or other search engines to see if there are other social accounts.

Another method is to perform a reverse image search on the photos in the profile.

These pictures can be profile pictures or other pictures in the account. If this person posts the same picture on other social accounts, then we can find this person’s other accounts through this method. Google and TinEye does an excellent job in this regard.

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