What is Family Tree Now?

FamilyTreeNow.comIt is a collection of people tracing tools. You can search for anyone by name. There are also genealogy tools to help track and research someone's genealogy.

On this website, you can find all kinds of information about people, such as the name you want to associate with, possible relatives, age, possible associates, current and past addresses, phone numbers, and public genealogy.

Is Family Tree Now free

FamilyTreeNow.com is 100% free, and you don’t need any skills to find someone’s family tree, or use this site to build your own family tree.

Is Family Tree Now accurate

FamilyTreeNow.com is completely free, but the other issues are:

Is it worth the time to find information here? Is the data true? Can you find the person you are looking for?

FamilyTreeNow.com uses public resources to find information, because this information has been published online (it’s just that everyone doesn’t know where it’s published or how to find it), and it’s scattered in various locations on the Internet. They are excavated and aggregated. Together.

Therefore, this site is the information obtained from public records. It does not speculate and conjecture information, and there is no need to do so. The information is accurate and reliable.

How is Family Tree Now different from other tracing sites

Get aggregate information for free, even without registering (some free sites require at least registration).

Providing only the first name and last name is enough to mine the information. Moreover, this information is all located in the same location for easy viewing.

Another main function of FamilyTreeNow.com is to make a family tree. Most people searching websites can only find people, and other functions are not there. However, through this site, users can use the records found in the search to build their own genealogy.

How to find someone through FamilyTreeNow.com

  1. Click at the top of the websiteSearch, Open the "FamilyTreeNow.com Search History" page.

    FamilyTreeNow.com Search History" page
  2. Enter the information you want to find and selectSearch.

    FamilyTreeNow.com search record field

    Note: Select theadd more criteria(Add more conditions) To enable other search fields such as country of birth, relative’s name, country, and the person’s date of death.
  3. Select next to Find peopleView Details(View details), or scroll down toFilter Results(Filter results) To filter and only display data in the census record, death record, living person or public member tree.

    FamilyTreeNow.com search results and filtering options

  4. The next page contains all the information about this person from FamilyTreeNow.com.

    FamilyTreeNow.com Staff Profile

    Note: For more details about this person, scroll down from their profile page toTruePeopleSearch.comLink to view more details.

In addition to finding people, what other valuable information does FamilyTreeNow.com have?

Including but not limited to the following information:

Census records

All information collected in the U.S. Census Survey:

Full name, age, year of birth, place of birth, gender, marital status, census county, state, race, parent’s place of birth, residence, parent’s name and other family members-including their full name, age, and year of birth.

This website has records from 1790 to 1940. 

Birth and death records

Extracting birth records directly from various counties in the United States, the site has more than 76 million records dating back to 1905.

Death information is extracted from the US Social Security Administration's death index, which is useful for finding deceased ancestors. The data includes the name, address, date of birth and date of death of the deceased. As early as 1936, there were nearly 100 million deaths recorded.

How to know if someone has passed away

Information of the living

FamilyTreeNow.com claims to have the deepest record of living people, collecting more than 1 billion records from hundreds of sources and dating back 40 years.

Live people’s records can find current and past addresses, aliases, known relatives, and phone numbers.

Public member tree

If you want to conduct family tree research, first look at this websitePublic genealogy treepage.

If you want to make your own family tree or add people to the family tree on this site, you need to register oneFree accountJust work. However, if you want to use this site to find someone, it doesn't matter whether you have an account or an account.

The owner of the family tree can choose the privacy level:

  • Publicly hidden details of occupants: All information about the deceased is public. For minors, except for their names, other information is disclosed. All information except surname and initials will be used exclusively by all minors. For minors, the complete date of birth, biological data and any media (photos, etc.) are private. "Private" means that only the person who created the family tree and the people sharing it can view private content.
  • private: All content in this tree is private, including all records, media, configuration files and all other content. This setting means that only the person who created the tree and the people sharing it can view it.
  • Public without any hidden: All information is public. 

Marriage and divorce records

In FamilyTreeNow.com you can search for marriage and divorce records, including the bride and groom’s name, age, date of marriage, state and country of marriage, certificate number, volume number, and so on.

From 1820 to the present, there are more than 28 million marriage records; since 1968, there have been 6 million divorce records.

Records of the Second World War

If the person you are looking for has served in World War II, you can also find the person’s military records here, including:

Full name, date of birth and date of enlistment, as well as their residence, race, marital status, education level, their military number, duration of enlistment, department code and military rank at the time of enlistment.

This is all information disclosed in the military records of the US government. 

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