5 best tips and methods for finding mobile phone numbers online

Sometimes it may be difficult to find someone using a mobile phone number, but it is not impossible to find out. Use a variety of tools/website searches to find a mobile phone number, to see who owns this number, or what phone number someone has, sometimes it's easy.

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There are two forms of mobile phone query website:

  • Find the phone number of the person by the person (knowing his information)
  • Find people by phone number

Below, a comprehensive overview of how to use the Internet to find phone number information, as well as the best methods and techniques.

Remark: Although the Internet is a huge resource library, not all content can be found online. If someone (you know or don’t know) sends spam or messages to yourself, you can block that person’s phone number.


Use the search engine to find a mobile phone number

List of verified mobile phone numbers


  • This is the best way to track the owner of a phone number.
  • Find the phone by name and vice versa.
  • Other identifiable information.


  • Some services cost money
  • Information may be out of date

The best way to find a mobile phone number online is to use the "search for people" tool. These tools collect a lot of information about this person, including not only the phone number, but also the full name, address, email, work history, relatives, etc.

These websites can basically be searched based on the information already known.

For example, who owns a certain phone number (if a certain phone number is known), or the phone number belongs to someone (or only knows the name, email, username, or address).

Some sites can even be used to find relatives and neighbors.

For example, if you only know the name of someone’s sister, you can find the phone number of his brother through the clue, and so on.

TruePeopleSearchwithZabaSearchBoth of these free websites can perform phone number lookup and search (forward and reverse).

The websites that charge for in-depth inquiry areSopkeo,BeenVerified,TruthFinder,PIPLIn addition to phone number query, these websites can also obtain other valuable personal-related information.

When looking up phone number information, try to use the "Find someone" tool. Most of them use technologies such as web searches, social media profiles, and reverse usernames.

Use social media to track phone numbers


  • One-stop resource for detailed information.
  • With a large user base, it is very suitable for mobile phone tracking.


  • Usually there is no search function, just to find the phone number

Hundreds of millions of users are active on social media sites around the world. Many people use these sites to share information with each other, including phone numbers. If you want to find someone on these social networking sites, you only need to enter someone's name in their search box.

Some people may set the information as secret (not public). However, some people open their doors, and phone numbers and other details are completely public.

Depending on the social media site used, some do not need to spend money to find the person's phone number by searching the person's name, or whose phone number belongs to.

Use search engines to find mobile numbers on multiple websites

Search for a phone number in Google to find it


  • You can search for mobile phone numbers in multiple sites at once.
  • Data can be added for better results.


  • Many results are automatically populated and do not necessarily contain valuable information.

Reverse phone number lookup using Google or other search engines is another useful way to track cell phone numbers, and it is also the best way to search for cell phone numbers on multiple sites.

If the search engine does not find the information, the phone number may appear in blogs, websites, public job materials, etc. Dig on these specific sites to find the number, and it may even be possible to find their email and other contact information, such as the actual address.

The search engine is not only suitable for finding mobile phone numbers, but also for searching landline and free phone numbers.

For example, you can search"800 number"To find an 800 number, or search"Contact us" XYZ(XYZ stands for a phone number you know) to find the company's phone number.

Add other relevant information to the search to narrow the scope of the search.

Generally speaking, a simple phone number query information should be sufficient, because the phone number is the only one corresponding to a certain user. For example, you can find the correct answer by comprehensively querying the city where the person lives, works, and goes to school, the name of the work unit, and the person's name.

Use mobile phone number information website to find people

Spy dialer phone query


  • Focus on finding phone numbers.
  • Very simple and easy to use.
  • Most are completely free.


  • Usually there is less information than other sites.
  • Most of these sites do not display mobile phone numbers, only fixed-line phones.

Although most phone number query services are concentrated on the landline, these can be used to find the name associated with the phone number, or for reverse search (from the phone number to find the phone number, to the person finds the phone number):

  • Spy Dialer: Enter the phone number to view the owner's name and area code.
  • ZLOOKUP: Type in a phone number to view the person's name and the carrier that the number currently belongs to.
  • USPhonebook: Find the phone number by name, and search for the name by mobile phone number.
  • ReversePhoneCheck: It is not free, but more than one billion mobile phone numbers can be found, the name matches the phone number exactly, and many other personal details.

Use username to find mobile number

Login name and password prompt diagram


  • If social media search doesn't work, this is a good way.
  • You can mine multiple sites with one search.


  • Not necessarily as guaranteed as other cell phone number lookup technologies.

Most people use the same user name on the entire network, so all other websites they are using can be found through this user name. Like an ID number, this method can finally find a mobile phone number.

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