How to find someone on TikTok-5 click-by-step illustrations

This article teaches you how to do it in 5 clicksFind someone on TikTok, You can also add your Facebook friends to yourTikTok account.

How toTikTokFind People

1. OpenTikTok,then clickme

Tiktok looking for someone: Click the me icon in the lower right corner of the account

2. Click onTikTokAt the top of the accountUser icon

TikTok looking for someone: Click on the user icon at the top of the account

3. Click onfind contacts, From contactsFind TikTok users

TikTok find someone: click find contacts

4. If someone in your contacts usesTikTokIf it is, it will be displayed here.

TikTok looking for people: view the contact list

5. Click onfind Facebook friends,Check if Facebook friends use TikTok account

TikTok looking for people: check facebook friends

Above areOn TikToksuperiorFind PeopleThe easiest way.

Let me introduce by the way, the official TikTok recommended method to find friends:

How to find friends from contacts list

1. ClickMe.
2. Click on the Find friends
3. Click Find contacts.
4. Allow TikTok to access your contacts
5. Find friends

To turn off contact synchronization:

1. Go to the account settings of the device
2. Go toPrivacy > Contacts
3. Turn off TikTok's contact access

Is it possible to watch any user's video on TikTok

This is no problem.

You can search for a user’s name on TikTok to view their videos.

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