How to Find People in Canada with™ is Canada's online directory of people and businesses, find any person and business across Canada, provide maps, search directions, region or postal codes, and even perform reverse searches using addresses or phone numbers.™ currently only provides directory assistance information for Canada. To order a local catalog or purchase an out-of-town, Canadian, U.S. or international catalog: 1-800-268-5637 (Ontario, Quebec, Yukon, Northwest Territories) 1-877-987-8737 (British Columbia, Alberta) Province) and Manitoba).

Find someone in Canada

The Find a Person page (home page) allows you to search for addresses and phone numbers of Canadian residents.

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Find people in Canada with™ Homepage Search Interface: Finding and Finding Businesses

Name/Phone Search to find people™ The main search box (Simple Search) allows you to search by name or phone number, and it will match search suggestions to Canadian home listings based on the information you provide. exist Who?field enter one of the following:

  • part of the last name (eg: Smit)
  • Last Name (Example: Smith)
  • First initial and last name (Example: J Smith)
  • First and Last Name (Example: John Smith, John Jones Smith)
  • Phone Number (Example: 416-412-5000)


  • use Last name and initials only The abbreviated search isThe most effectiveof. This reduces the chance of misspellings or variations.
  • If you can't find the person you're looking for, pleasetry using only the first four letters of the last name.
  • Compound Name:If the first or last name contains spaces, try no spaces or use hyphens.

Address search to find people

For the location field, you can enter any of the following locations:

  • City (eg: Vancouver, Calgary)
  • City and Province (Example: Toronto, ON)
  • Province (Example: Ontario, ON)
  • Postal Code (Example: H3E 2A5)

Advanced search to find people

Advanced Search PageAllows to search the list using specific first and last names and address field values.

The following search fields are available; the more information provided, the more precise the results.

  • name
  • surname
  • street
  • City
  • Province
  • zip code

City and Province may not use Street, but Street must accompany City and Province.

Search Tips:

If no results are found, then the address information may be too specific.

  • Try removing the street type (eg Street, Road, Rd, Ave, etc.) or
  • Try removing directional indicators (eg NE, SE, W, etc.) from street names or
  • Try removing the apartment information (apartment type or number) in the search.

Find someone by reverse address

reverse address pageAllows you to search for information about addresses:

  • the name of the person or business that lives there
  • associated phone number

Enter the following information in the search field. You can use one or more fields:

  • house number, street name
  • City
  • Province
  • zip code

Free Reverse Address Resources

Reverse phone number search to find people

reverse phone number pageAllows you to perform reverse phone number lookups. Use it to find information about phone numbers, including the name and associated address of the person who owns the phone number.

  • Enter a 10-digit or 7-digit phone number to find a matching listing.

Find people nearby

Proximity search lets you find people listed around a reference point you provide. Enter a name and fill in the street, city, and province (or landmark or zip code), then click Find.


Save your location. Select a saved location from the drop-down box, or click the Create/Edit link to set a new location.

Search by area code to find people

The Area Codes page allows you to select a Canadian area code to see a list of cities for that code.

Search for people by zip code

The zip code page lets you see the areas and people around the zip code.

Find people based on common name directories

The Popular Names Directory page allows you to find popular last names in Canadian locations. You can also browse all listings alphabetically using the AZ hyperlinks.

social search to find people

The social search function allows you to obtain information from Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn results.

Enter the following information in the search field. You can use one or more fields:

  • name
  • surname
  • City
  • Province

use Find button to start the search. You will be redirected to the bottom of the search results page to discover a list of Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn accounts relevant to your search.

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