How to Use Radaris to Find People

Radarisis a background search company that helps users find useful information about individuals using public records and professional data companies.

Radaris provides four basic search options: 

  1. Person search
  2. address search
  3. Reverse phone lookup
  4. business search

Person search

Go to the site's home page and enter first and last name, as well as city, state or zip code to narrow your search.

Search results include age, aliases, relatives, past and present locations.

address search

Radaris with homemetry In partnership, Homemetry is a popular website that aggregates real estate and property information for individual addresses. This includes extensive owner and resident information such as name, phone number, age, employment information, home value, sales history, community information, taxes, and more.

To perform an address search in Radaris, all you need is a correct address, and below are the results of the address search.

Radaris' address search display

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Reverse phone lookup

After entering the phone number, basic information about the owner of the phone number is displayed, such as the owner's name, address, email, title, organization, etc.

Search phone number with radaris

business search

You can also use Radaris to search for businesses.

After entering your business name and status, Radaris will redirect you to, an online business directory that contains data about businesses such as address, phone number, industry, year established, company size, date and number of incorporation, state ID, and more. This information is also packaged into a digital business background report that anyone can purchase with just a few clicks.

business search
Enterprise Search

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