How to know what your Snapchat username is

The reason for this problem is that Snapchat has two names, one is the display name, and the other is the user's real username (username).

The Snapchat username is set when the Snapchat account is first created. For security reasons, the user isCan't change my Snapchat usernameof. It is also not possible to transfer account data, such as memory or Snapstreaks from one username to another.


Display Name (Display Name) VS. Username (Username)

The display name is the name displayed on Snapchat (that is, the public name, the name that others can see). It is different from the real Snapchat user name, and this display name can be customized at any time.

How to find your own Snapchat username

Then click the Profile icon at the top of the screen: the user name is displayed next to the Snapchat score, as shown in the following figure:

Snapchat username (jane_doe247) example
  • The display name is Jane Doe
  • The username is jane_doe247

Create new account and username

If you are not satisfied with your username, you can delete your current Snapchat account and create a new account with another username.

Notice: If the account is deleted or permanently locked, the username can no longer be used in the future.

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