How to find a person's address in Canada

Using the Internet, tracking a person's various information is very simple, but sometimes it may not be possible to find someone's home address for security reasons. If the person is located in Canada, there are several Canadian search services that can use a person's name orphone numberto track the address.

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Search Canada411 by name or number

use Canada411(Online directory for Canadian residents and businesses), you can search for individuals or businesses by name or phone number. Enter the city and province of the contact to refine the search results. In addition, you will receive an address and phone number.

Steps and How to Find Someone's Address in Canada Using Canada411

Use of libraries and archives

Canadian libraries and archives can help with searches. This resource aims to collect historical documents about people living across Canada. It contains census data and historical records, which can help track genealogy.

However, according to privacy laws, certain information needs to be released, but this mainly applies to Canadian residents. According to privacy laws, it may not be possible to find someone by phone number in Canada. The Canadian Library and Archives website is more geared towards public records, such as census data and birth and death information.

Search the online phone book

Long before the Internet, people used printed phone books to look up phone numbers and addresses. Although they are no longer widely used, they still exist. If you want to perform a Canadian address search by name, various phone books may be the best place to start.

Although there are many white pages online, if you want to limit the search of people to Canada, It is a good Is another useful Canadian specific directory for finding businesses. There are also for French-speaking researchers


As in the US, Canadian addresses can be searched online.Facebook is a great resource for tracking people, whether the person is in the United States or Canada. If the address is required for commercial purposes, use a commercial website or use a who-is lookup tool such as to extract the information.

Canadian phone numbers are often listed in public directories. Try to search for phone numbers on the Internet to see what pops up. There are various online reverse lookup tools for Canada.

After searching, post information on various forums. In the community section Craigslist Canada Post a request on. Missed Connections is designed to track people you have met, but you can try to post a request under the "General" section.

Search the website using a paid address

Usually, searching for Canadian addresses by name is related to legal matters. You may want to send a request letter or provide a stop order. If you want to hire a lawyer, the address search should be part of the service provided, but if you try to solve the problem before hiring a lawyer, things can get a little complicated.

After exhausting the free measures, if there is no good effect, then spend a small amount of money to use something likespokeoSuch a global and highly rated professional search site. Many paid websites will show whether the person you entered can get results, so at least you know if it is possible to get the information you need before paying.

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