FlexiSPY: Exploring the Top 9 Motoring Features of Spy Software

FlexiSPY 150+ unique features keep it at the forefront of the surveillance software industry. There are both the most basic features and the most advanced features not found in any other product of its kind. For example, viewing contacts on mobile phones, Ipads, etc., using SMS trackers to intercept text messages or sending fake text messages, secretly viewing someone's Facebook account, remote call recording, real-time call monitoring, etc. Additionally, FlexiSPY offers delivery (monitor cell phone) door-to-door service.

Here are ten of FlexiSPY's best monitoring features:

1. WhatsApp

FlexiSPY feature: monitor WhatsApp messages

FlexiSPY can monitor WhatsApp, the world's most popular chat application, monitoring all incoming and outgoing WhatsApp messages, including deleted ones. Additionally, VoIP calls made using WhatsApp can be recorded. In addition to monitoring WhatsApp messages, you can monitor other popular instant messaging applications such asFacebook,LINEwithSkype.

2.SMS Tracker

FlexiSPY Feature: Track SMS

Not only does this feature provide access to all inbound and outbound text messages, the sender and recipient contact details, but also the date and time stamp of each message. FlexiSPY can even tag specific keywords in conversations and set them to auto-delete before they're read!


FlexiSPY feature: keystroke logging

Keylogger for Android, iPhone, Windows and Mac that captures every keystroke you type on your Android, iPhone or computer and sees everything you type every time: a key log of messages, search terms and text.

4.Background environment recording

FlexiSPY feature: ambient recording

Remotely activate your phone's microphone and record live. Just set a routine schedule, or activate ambient recording, and you're ready to record right away, or even use RemCam to access your phone's camera orRemVidRecord video remotely.

5.send fake text messages

FlexiSPY Feature: Send Fake SMS

After installing FlexiSPY on the target device, the phone can be remotely controlled to send SMS to any phone number, and the SMS will not appear in the phone's outbox (without leaving any evidence).

6. VoIP call recording

FlexiSPY function: voip call recording

useWhatsApp,ViberwithSkypeAs VoIP apps become more common to make calls, FlexiSPY will automatically record any calls made using these apps. Then upload the file to your FlexiSPY Account, so you can listen anytime.

7.call interception– Monitor phone calls in real time

FlexiSPY Feature: Call Blocking

This feature is available for Android, iPhone, Blackberry and Symbian devices. The real-time call blocking feature allows users to participate in a call remotely during a call without being detected, as if there is a line directly connected to the target phone.


FlexiSPY Feature: Remote Screenshot

Take remote screenshots of all APP activities on the target phone. And, it's free for all Android and iPhone users with a rooted phone.

9.Hidden GPS Tracker

FlexiSPY Feature: Location Tracking

FlexiSPY provides accurate, real-time location tracking (maps of current and historical locations). FlexiSPY's Hidden GPS Tracker app is also great for employers tracking off-site teams.

In addition, FlexiSPY offers its own uniqueDelivery Service:

  • Select a FlexiSPY subscription
  • Select phone model
  • FlexiSPY delivers mobile phones to your door

You can give this phone to someone you want to protect. (Learn more)

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