Is the effect of paid search sites more accurate and comprehensive than free sites?

How to find people on the Internet is one of the most popular topics on the Internet, generating millions of searches every day. A large number of people are looking for birth records, digging out the background information of potential employees,Track phone number, Looking for someone’s genealogy records, etc.

But should this search query service be paid or free?

Although there are many ways to find someone for free, there are still many people tracing sites that are not free and require a fee (single query fee or monthly fee).


Are paid websites better than finding people for free?

Not all paid search sites are better than free ones.

The person who decides whether to pay to find someone online

Comparing paid and free websites, the advantages are: ease of use and the richness of information obtained.

Paid websites collect a large amount of information from multiple sources and package all information data. However, some users may not need all these detailed information, and only want to know the other party's address or phone information, which may be a waste of money.

For example, if you see an unknown caller number, you want to know who called you. Or find out the current address of the owner of the phone by checking the phone. Or use a reverse username search to find out who owns this account and whose unfamiliar email address belongs to.

If you cannot find the information you need through the Internet, or those free websites cannot provide this information, then, in this case, you can consider using such paid websites.

Why do some search tool sites have to pay?

ifFree search siteThere is no fundamental difference between paying and there is no reason to spend money to find someone. So, what is unique about paid websites or tools compared to free websites?

  • Early warning function: If the information of oneself or the person to be tracked is updated, a warning (alarm) will be issued.
  • Can get the complete phone number, not just the first or last few digits
  • You can use your username (username) or email address to find someone
  • Search faster than the free version
  • Criminal record
  • You can perform a more in-depth search for people: information such as assets, past lives, old phone numbers, social media sites that have been used (such as account numbers, previously posted messages, etc.).

Is there a real free search site?

Of course there is!

There are completely free methods and website tools to find people, and many of them have some of the functions listed above. However, if you use a free website at a time, you cannot get comprehensive information. You may need to combine multiple free websites to query to get what you want. s things.

Is the free search site accurate?

The best answer is to personally use the website to find someone to test it, for example, search for information about yourself.

When you were looking for someone else, did you find yourself on these tracing websites? Whether it is a free website or a paid website, there is such a thing. If you are worried that your information will be leaked online, you may ask these websites to delete your personal information.

Use free websites to find addresses, phone numbers, names, e-mail addresses, etc., and you can also be free of restrictions on the number of uses. Can be further tested:

For example, use two, five, or even ten free search sites to perform the same search at the same time to see if there is a difference between the results.

If you use several free search sites and have similar information, the effect will be similar to that of a paid site. In this respect, there is little difference between paid and free.

When to use paid search sites?

If you follow the above, there is no need for a paid website. However, on the contrary, these paid websites have a huge amount of search and usage. Why is this?

There are usually several reasons, that is, the following points need to use such websites:

  1. I don’t know how to search on the Internet, and I don’t have basic knowledge of searching.
  2. Time is running out. Searching for people requires patience. In many cases, it is not just a few clicks to find relevant data.
  3. No research ability. There is a lot of information that needs to be combined and searched, and then continue to search for the clues that have been sorted out, and so many times to find it
  4. Need comprehensive and detailed data, such as family information, criminal information, and so on. In addition to information, there is also old information in the past for analysis and research


If you have enough time, are willing to explore, and need simple information, then use a free website to find someone.

If you are short of time, do not understand the basics of search, and want to obtain comprehensive and detailed information, then use the paid search website.

It's that simple.

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