How to realize game sharing on PS5

This article introduces how to use the shared game function of PlayStation 5 to play games with friends and complete various levels. Share Play allows cross-generation games, so users with PS5 can play with friends who use the PS4 console.


  • exist Home On the screen, press the controllerPS Button. To create a party, select Game Base > Square  > Choose a friend> Follow the prompts.
  • You can play with (or for) your friends for up to one hour at a time. Share Play allows PS5 users to play with friends on the PS4 console.
  • use Request to Join Option to quickly enter the game with friends on PS5 and PS4 consoles.

How to use shared games on PlayStation 5

To start sharing games, you must first hold a party with your friends. Your friend can have a PS5 or PS4 console.

  1. existHomeOn the screen, press on the PS5 controllerPSButton. Don't hold down the button.

  2. Select from the menu at the bottom of the screenGame Base.

  3. according toSquareCreate a party.
  4. Select the person you want to join the party in the friends list. The party can contain up to 99 people, including PS4 and PS5 users.

  5. Press and hold on the controllerright,chooseOK-Those friends (one or more) you have chosen.

  6. chooseVoice Chat.

  7. chooseJoin.

  8. existVoice ChatWindow, selectStart Share Screen.

  9. A new set of options will appear: Share Screen | Share Play. Navigate and pressX.

  10. chooseStart Share Play.

  11. Choose the name of the friend you want to share the game with.

  12. Choose the version of Share Play you want to use:
    • Visitor Plays as You: Use this option to let a friend play the game instead of yourself. This is suitable when a friend wants to play a game they don’t have, or when you need a friend’s help to solve a problem.
    • Play With the Visitor: Select this option to allow your friends to play games with you. Use it to play likeOvercookedFor such cooperative games, it initially did not support online multiplayer games.

  13. Visitors receive an invitation to share the game.
  14. returnVoice Chat Home screen, inShare PlayA countdown will appear next to the icon. You can share games for one hour at a time, after which PS5 will automatically end the session. Although PS5 limits each Share Play block to one hour, you can start a new session at any time as needed.

  15. If you chooseVisitor Plays as You, The friend will fully control the game, but there are some restrictions:
    • Cannot get trophies during the conference.
    • Cannot take screenshots.
    • If you exit the menu while the visitor is playing a game, PS5 will pause the session until you return to the game.
    • When sharing the screen, visitors cannot view your home screen or other menus. If you choosePlay With the Visitor, It's like playing a game with a friend in the same room.
  16. To end Share Play, press on the controllerPSButton and select againGame Base. You can also select party chat in the tiles above these icons or from the main menuShare Play .

  17. Select the current party at the top of the menu, there will beheadphoneicon.

  18. chooseView Voice Chat.

  19. chooseShare Screen | Share Play.

  20. chooseStop Share Play.

  21. Although visitors lose control of the game, they can still see what you are doing before ending screen sharing.

PS4-PS5 has more opportunities for cross-generation games. With the update in April 2021, PS5 and PS4 users can see the list of friends who can join the game session, and use the Request to Join option to quickly enter the game with friends.

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