How to find out Someone's Infomation with Google

Google is one of the reliable ways to find people on the web, and it's also a free people search tool that works well, using only a limited amount of information, such as name, phone number, address, email, etc. Even a photo can be found in Google to find the person you're looking for.

Every resource listed on this page is free, check out best free people-search websites for more resources.

While using google to find people, first of all, don't log in to your Google account, keep it log out, so that the search results are the original and objective results from the search engine.

Google Phone Number

Use Google to search someone's phone number

You can use Google to find phone numbers, including business and residential numbers, simply by:

Just enter the name of the person or business, phone number into Google , click Search, and see the search results.

You can also do reverse phone number lookup. If you know a phone number but not sure who it belongs to, use Google as a reverse number search tool to find out who owns the number.

Add Quotation Mark to Name and Search

Michael Smith Google Search Example
Michael Smith Google Search Example

Using quotation marks to search for specific phrases on Google can narrow down the search results.

For example, if you search the name Michael Smith, Google shows: About 718,000,000 results. However, if you search Michael Smith, the results show: About 7,850,000 results.

Although, this result is not ideal, but greatly narrows the scope.

While looking for Michael Smith without quotes, Google finds all results that contain both names. Using quotes is a search for a single item, which means Google will only show results with the name Michael next to Smith.

If you know someone's location, age, working place, or other info related to the person, you can try various combinations:

  • "Michael Smith" New York
  • "Michael Smith" doctor
  • "Michael Smith" actor
  • "Michael Smith" New york lawer
  • "Michael Smith" New york prodessor 48
  • ……..

Use Google Alerts to Track Someone's Activety Online

Google Alerts is a great place to track someone's activity. Enter the search term you want to remind your via email.

For example, there is a professor named John Smith who works at Peking University or has some kind of relationship with Peking University. So, if you want to know if this person has this information on the Internet in the future, you can use Google Alert to monitor it. If Google finds out that the name is related to Peking University, it will notify you by email.

Note: You can set the monitoring frequency, once a day, or once a week; information sources, automatic, blog, news, etc., countries and regions, and language options.
How to spy on someone with Google alert
How to spy on someone with Google alert

Use Google Images Search Engine to Find People: Google Reverse Image Search

Another way to use Google search to find people is to use Google to search for relevant images.

Now many people upload their various activities to the Internet in the form of pictures, so you can find someone by searching these pictures on Google. These pictures might be their social media profile pictures, or their messages to you.

1. Visit Google Image Search

After entering the Google Image Search site, click the camera icon next to it, as shown below:

Visit the Google Image Search site

2. Upload pictures

Upload the image to Google, or paste the image URL in the box and click the Search button, as shown below:

upload image to google

Google starts to search and displays all relevant images on the right (including the name of the person associated with the image), as shown below:

Biden Image Search Example 1
Biden Image Search Example 1

Or click find image source above to view this image source, as shown below:

Biden Image Search Example 2
Biden Image Search Example 2

Filter Search Results

Click the tool button on the left to filter search results based on options such as image size, color, type, and upload time.

Biden Image Search Example 3
Biden Image Search Example 3

If any of this information is known, the person can be found.

Use Google Maps to Position Someone

google map search example
google map search example

Google Maps is also the easiest way to find someone's address. When searching for someone by address, you will find a lot of useful information, such as:

  • Use Street View to view someone’s house
  • View the entire community
  • View business information
  • Find names, addresses and phone numbers associated with a company or someone
  • Get directions to any location
  • See a satellite, bird's eye or hybrid view of a location
  • Share live location

Once you find some useful clues, you can print it, email it, or share a link to the map. Also view business reviews.

Previously, it was possible to track the location of the person on Google Maps without their knowledge. However, now Google will send them a notification to let them know that sharing their location is being shared (meaning others will know where they are now). If you want to track someone without their knowledge, you can use the mSpy app to track anyone's real-time location .

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