Everything a Pokemon GO game newbie needs to know

"Pokémon GO" is both a free app and the highest-paid and most profitable game, sweeping the iOS world. If you are new to this game, this guide describes how to catch Pokémon on your iPhone or iPad, just like being a trainer by birth.

This guide is applicable to the iOS and Android versions of Pokémon GO.

set up

This is not a game to win by completing every level, and the developers are always improving the content of the game.

The reason for looking for Pokémon is because a kind professor needs help in the research, and the player’s job is to travel around and catch pocket monsters in the wild.

Professor Willow provides you with the tasks in "Pokemon Go"

Like the Ingress game, "Pokémon GO" uses GPS sensors on mobile phones or tablets to determine location. Then, use Pokémon to fill the surrounding world and also use the camera to look like creatures everywhere in the real world.

How to throw Pokémon

After finding a Pokémon in the wild or at home, capture it and add it to the collection.

Tap nearby Pokémon on the main map to enter the duel.

The camera will use the standing place as the background. Swipe up from the picture of the red and white spheres at the bottom of the screen to throw Pokéball.

It takes some time to master this technique, because it can only be done if the direction is correct and the relative speed is moderate.

Stronger, rarer creatures may need to be cast several times, but don't waste it. That is, although Pokéballs are easy to replenish, they are not unlimited.

Visit PokéStops

During the Pokémon capture, check nearby PokéStops. On the map, PokéStop looks like a thin blue tower with a cube on it. PokéStops map to landmarks in the real world, usually churches, libraries, statues, fountains, historical markers, etc.

When walking, the coach's head will emit a pulsating blue circle. Once the distance is close enough, PokéStop will appear in the circle and will change shape, with a large blue circle appearing on top. Click to view the picture disc, or swipe to rotate it.

Doing so will produce a variety of free items, including Pokéballs. Because they charge frequently, you should always check the PokéStop around you. The recently used PokéStop will turn purple, but when it is raised to replenish consumables, it will return to blue.

Egg and its hatching method

Another benefit of visiting PokéStop is: Pokémon eggs are produced, but you never know what will hatch from them.

Need to walk to incubate in Pokemon Go

Note: The incubator is powered by walking and must cover a specified distance of at least 2 km (approximately 1.2 miles) to incubate.

Pokémon GO knows when to walk too fast . Eggs hatched from this distance won't get any honor.

Care and feeding of Pokémon

After capturing the Pokémon, click in the collection to view combat power, important data, attacks, etc. There is also a record of when and where "Pokémon" was caught.

Pokedex view in Pokemon Go

Although "Pokémon Go" doesn't have many battles, if you want Pokémon to be as strong as possible, you must be prepared for battle.

Every time you catch a Pokémon, you will get two rewards: Stardust and Candy. The former is universal, while the latter is specific to this Pokémon. You can spend hundreds of stardust and one or more candies to power any Pokémon to increase combat effectiveness and health.

The other is to preserve candies, because candies can evolve. Experienced Pokémon trainers know: Constant development and change make monsters stronger and upgrade all statistics to launch attacks.

Tip: You can return the spare Pokémon to the professor for extra candy. Therefore, if you want to evolve Pidgey into Pidgeotto, you need to catch bugs in exchange for candy.

Gymnasium Overview

After reaching level 5, you can unlock the gym. The gym map is very conspicuous and looks like a big tower.

First, you need to join one of the following three teams: Spark (yellow), Mystic (blue) or Valor (red). Because team selection will not affect the game, you can choose your favorite color at will.

When you encounter Gyms, you will see whether the team controls it by color (the completely unclaimed Gyms are silver, but they may not exist anymore). If the gym is controlled by a team, you can click on it and assign a Pokémon to help defense. This will unlock the Defender Bonus icon in the in-game store, and you can get Stardust and PokéCoins for free, approximately once a day.

If you want to fight, it's best to bring six Pokémon to fight. Tap to perform a basic attack, press and hold to perform a special attack, and then swipe left or right to avoid enemy attacks.

Extremely important items

Tap the backpack icon in the main menu to view the items, you can start the game with a total of 350 items, which means that the trainer must have an XXL backpack.

Players are ready to lure in Pokemon Go

In addition to Pokéball, other items can be found on PokéStops, and can also be purchased from the store.

  • Egg incubator ( Egg Incubator ): Pokémon eggs can be hatched while walking. Start with a free incubator, get a second incubator at level 6, and then you can use PokéCoins to buy more incubators from the store.
  • Camera (Camera): Shooting floating funny pictures on the Internet Pokémon in the darkest of places.
  • Incense ( Incense ): Lure Pokémon to your area for 30 minutes.
  • Resurrection (Revive): Pokémon with a faint, that is to be eliminated in the gym battle Pokémon. Restore the Pokémon to half of its maximum health.
  • Potion (Potion): Therapeutic Goods can restore the value of life is 20 points a Pokémon.
  • Lucky Egg ( Lucky Egg ): Will not give new Pokémon, but can get double experience points within 30 minutes.
  • Bait module (Lure Module): feeling social right? It works like "incense", but it must be inserted into PokéStops because it has been inserted into the slot above the picture disc. Other players can also take advantage of the temptation effect.
  • Upgrade Package (Bag Upgrade): strip 50 allows multiple items.
  • Pokemon memory upgrade (Pokemon Storage Upgrade): you can add 50 Pokémon in the collection.

As long as you check PokéStops frequently, you will find a lot of basic knowledge, such as Pokéballs and therapeutic supplies. If you do have some PokéCoins, it is best to save them for use in decoy modules and storage upgrades.

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