How to Use PS5 Remote Play to Stream to PS4

This article describes how to use the PS5 Remote Play application to play PS5 games on PS4. The instructions apply to PlayStation 4 firmware version 8.0 and higher.

How to Use PS5 Remote Play to Stream to PS4

PlayStation 4 has built-inPS5 remote playbackApp, you can connect the game console to the TV.

The PS5 Remote Play application should already be on the PlayStation 4, provided that the firmware is kept up to date.

  1. Choose from the PlayStation 5 main menuset up.

  2. choosesystem.

  3. chooseRemote play.

  4. highlightEnable remote playbackAnd press on the controllerXTo turn on the switch. When the circle is on the right, turn on the switch.

  5. On PlayStation 4, open from the main menuPS5 Remote Playapplication.

  6. Select "Find your PS5 ".
    The button may also display "Connect to PS5-XXX", where "XXX" is a three-digit number.

  7. If you see "Before connecting to PS5"Screen, please click "Sure".

  8. PS4 should automatically connect to PS5. The PlayStation 5 must be in or in rest mode for the application to find it.

  9. To disconnect from the PlayStation 5, press on the controllerPS buttonOpen the remote playback specific menu.

  10. chooseDisconnect.

  11. Open the side menu and choose what to do with PlayStation 5:
    • Keep on: This option will only disconnect the PlayStation 4. There are no changes on PlayStation 5. If you are playing games, please use it to switch back to PS5 to continue your game.
    • Enter rest mode: If you have finished playing now, please use this command. It puts the PS5 in low-power standby mode until it wakes it up.

  12. No matter which option is selected, PS4 will return to the connection screen in the PS5 remote playback application.

Limitations of using PS5 remote playback

When streaming PS5 to PS4, there are a few things to consider:

  • The PS5 controller cannot be paired with the PS4, so you may encounter problems in some games that use the special features of PlayStation 5 DualSense.
  • Games that require peripheral devices such as PlayStation VR cannot be used with Remote Play.
  • Depending on the network speed, you may experience some input delay when playing games.
  • Standard PS4 will not be able to display at the full 4K resolution of PS5.
  • The higher the resolution used on PS4, the heavier the burden on the network.

How to change the resolution of PS5 remote playback

If the network cannot handle the load between streaming from PS5 and loading images to PS4, the connection to PS5 may be lost. The fastest way to solve this problem is to reduce the display resolution of the remote playback application on the PlayStation 4.

  1. On the connection screen, press on the PS4 controllerOptions.

  2. chooseResolution.

  3. Choose a lower resolution and pressX.

  4. Try to reconnect.

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