7 Top Free tools to Search People by a Certain Address in U.S.

Generally, a normal search for an address refers to where person lives, where is a certain company, where is a certain house, and so on.

However, find someone or something by a address, which refers to what is in the address or all the information related to the address. For example, who lives at the address, what company is there, what building is there, and so on.

Through the reverse address search, you can know exactly: all current and past households at a specific address and their related persons (such as relatives, friends, colleagues, etc.), and physical location information of the house (such as size and bedroom, living room) Etc.), the address company information, and the phone number associated with the address, etc.

Using the address lookup tool is simple: enter the address to see all the information about the house, business, or someone you interest.

With the free information, searching by addresses does not cost money. However, if you want to get comprehensive information results on a website, you need to use the advanced search engine.

The description of the reverse address lookup method

Free Reverse Address Lookup Tools

Many tools are built specifically for reverse lookup. The following tools are typical representatives in this regard:


Truthfinder can perform a reverse address lookup by city and state, and the results show the names, ages, and ages of all residents who have lived at this address in the past and presentRelative information.

Truthfinder reverse address lookup tool

There is a Open Report next to the name of the search result. Click to open it. It contains all the information about the person at that address, including whether he/she has a criminal record.


Enter the address to be investigated in Whitepages, and Whitepages will return the person who lives there, the estimated age of the owner, phone number, other relevant addresses, and nearby maps.

whitepages reverse address lookup tool

Basic information is free, but if you need more information, check the sponsored link on the results page and pay to view it.


Type in the address in the Current/Previous Address (current/previous address) text box of this site, and then enter the City and/ Enter the city and state in or state.

The Langing page of the Intelius reverse address lookup tool

Intelius' reverse address lookup tool can find the owner's house information, including the number of bedrooms, plot size, house value, ownership, contact, family residents, the year the house was built, and neighbors.


On the AnyWho website, find out who owns a house or property. After entering the address, you will see the results about current and past residents; if you want to see more detailed information, this site link will jump to Intelius.com.

anywho search and find tool by address


Spokeo is another free reverse address lookup tool that can find unique information that some other sites in this article do not provide.

Spokeo reverse address search

Spokeo provides the following information:

The value of the house, the year the house was built, the area of ​​the living rooms, the size of the lot, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, nearby maps, the heating and cooling details of the building, the type of parking in the house, the nearby registered sex offenders, and current and past household information.


Another simple reverse address lookup method is to use Infotracer.

Find a list of names of people who live at any address. The search time is about 1 minute, and a list of all current and past residents, their ages, and their relatives are obtained.


THAT'STHEM is a unique reverse address lookup tool because it can identify the information load of certain addresses, such as the owner’s name, post office box, home phone number, age, and even e-mail address, as well as the information associated with the address details for each person.

THAT'STHEM reverse address lookup tool

How effective is the reverse address lookup using a search engine?

Although search engine (such as Google, Yahoo or Bing, etc.) can search anything , But reverse address lookup is an exception.

Because the search engine will not cross the address and the homeowner's information, it is not very helpful in the reverse address lookup technology. You need to use the professional reverse address lookup tool mentioned above.

If you want to find a reverse address in a search engine, such as Google, you need to add quotation marks to the street, house number, and city name, for example:

"1500 Broadway" "New York"

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