9 Benefits of a TruthFinder Membership

Register as a Truthfinder memberAfter that, you can access unlimited reports and search for any number of names. Not only that, Truthfinder is comprehensive and valuable in many ways. Read this article to learn how to get the most out of your TruthFinder membership.

Conduct professional background checks on yourself or others

Do you know what traces you have left on the Internet, and what information will others know about you through the Internet?

If you've never done a background check on yourself, it's important to do your own research to understand what information is available to you, or what information to delete.

Even if you're not worried about having a criminal record or bankruptcy, you should know if this information has a negative impact on you.

Screenshot of TruthFinder People Search Report Statistics
Screenshot of TruthFinder People Search Report Statistics

In addition, when conducting a background check on a person, Truthfinder will also list people associated with the person, including information such as age and address.

Possible Associates on TruthFinder People Search
people associated with someone


Find old friends, classmates or contact your ex

If you're still obsessed with your ex-lover (if you're still single), why not look up his/her contact details?

TruthFinder Background Check ReportProvides education and employment history, social media profiles, and location history.

Perhaps, he/she has found a new job in another city, so check his/her social accounts to see what the other person has been up to.

The "Contact Information" section of a Truthfinder report will find the other person (especially if their phone number has been deleted after a breakup.) Because, the report will provide a phone number, home or work address, and email address.

Also, when Truthfinder searches for someone, that person will not be notified that you are searching for his or her information.

Keep yourself safe online dating

Currently, online dating and dating has become a popular trend. Although the online dating is extremely convenient, but at the same time it also hides a great risk: maybe the other party is a liar.

However, Truthfinder offers an easy and effective way to thoroughly research your partner before going on a date: whether they are lying, whether they haveCriminal record,etc.

If you notice a history of violent crime or abuse, it's best to steer clear.

TruthFinder personnel search criminal sample reports
TruthFinder personnel search criminal sample reports

TruthFinder can also uncover hard-to-find social media profiles, and further investigation may reveal that the person is not single.

Research and refine your own family tree

TruthFinder Also an excellent tool for family and genealogy research. Use truthfinder to find the names of as many relatives as possible, learn more about family members, and research your own family's history. Using this information, it is possible to get farther than conventional search engines alone.

Method: Enter your name in TruthFinder to form a search report. In this report, in addition to basic details such as your name, age, and contact information, it may also contain a list of relatives you may not know or know, as shown in the image below:

Possible Relatives on TruthFinder People Search
Relatives found via TruthFinder search (confirmation required)

Might find out the contact details of relatives you don't even know! To learn more about these people and families, you can click on their names to view the corresponding report.

What's in the Truthfinder report

Update address book

TruthFinder MembersAccess to unlimited reports i.e. unlimited number of names to search. The reports are extensive and include the phone numbers, home and work addresses, and email addresses of the people searched.

Contact Information for TruthFinder People Search
Contact Information for TruthFinder People Search

TruthFinder'sReverse phone lookupTools may also help identify the owner of any unsaved numbers on the phone.

Learn more about your community

Would you like to learn more about the community you live in in the United States? E.g:

  • What was this address used for?
  • what does my neighbor do and has a criminal history
  • Details of nearby homes, such as property value, current and former owners, etc. (a very useful tool if you are looking to buy a home in the US, or are interested in US real estate)
TruthFinder census of an address
TruthFinder census of an address

View online sellers

Before meeting sellers or sending money to them, use TruthFinder to conduct a background check on them. A background report can help you determine if the person is a potential scammer or even a threat.

Note: Another famous background check website -Instant Checkmate

Public records can show whether they are honest about who they are and where they are. The TruthFinder background report may also contain the criminal and traffic records of the person being investigated.

see who's calling you

TruthFinder reverse phone lookup feature

Are you getting repeated calls from the same unknown phone number?

Is this phone number an advertising promotion, a rude phone call, or a relative or old classmate who hasn't been in contact for a long time?

TruthFinder reverse phone lookup featureThe truth behind these mysterious calls can be ascertained.

Just enter ten digits into the search bar.

TruthFinder scanPublic recordto get information about the owner of the phone number. A reverse phone lookup report may include the phone number owner's name, location, and potentially an image.

Automatically update monitoring reports

Information on the Internet is always changing. For example, someone's phone number, address, etc., may change frequently. Also, public records are published and updated daily. In this case, TruthFinder's resources are also regularly updated.

If you are a TruthFinder member, the reports you get are automatically updated (even if they are old reports). No setup is required, as soon as a report is opened, the latest information is available. As shown below:

Alerts on TruthFinder People Search
Alerts on TruthFinder People Search

Of course, you can alwaysCancel Your Truthfinder Membership.

Search your own name or someone else's name in Truthfinder and you may find amazing discoveries

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