How to use Yellow Pages to find people online

YP.comAlso known as "True Yellow Page-Yellow Page", it is a "traditional" telephone directory yellow page on the Internet. it hasFree people search tool, Search by name, you can also search for reverse yellow pages by address or phone.

The yellow pages also include listings of homes and businesses, maps and directions, information on local attractions, questions and answers, and coupons. only focuses on the United States, whileYellowPages.caProvide a list of Canadian information.

Via web browser orAvailable for Android and is available for mobile applications.

Use the yellow pages search tool

  1. Open on Yellow Pages websitePerson searchPage, go to YP.comsearch engine, You can search the white page directory of the website.

  2. Choose the person you are looking for:

    By name: Last name is required, but you can also include first name, city or postal code, and indicate whether you know these details.

    According to the address:runReverse addressTo search, you need an address.

    According to phone number: Conducted at YP.comReverse searchThe phone number, the search method is very simple: just enter the number, and then see the result, who is the owner of this phone number. finder search
    How to use Google to check phone numbers

  3. View the information displayed in the results, selectVIEW FULL PROFILEcheck the detail information.

    Yellow Pages Person Search Results

    Note: Click this button to leave and enterInteliusSite.

  4. Continue the personnel search on the Intelius website.

    Intelius personnel finder tool

    Note: Not all information about Intelius can be viewed freely. Here you will find detailed information that is not on the yellow pages, such as the school the person has attended, relatives, other locations where the person has lived, and the first few digits of the current or past phone number. However, it is not free to continue to view the full report, but it is not much, and the cost is minimal.

Find someone’s business or company on

If you don’t know the person’s name, phone number, or address, but happen to know where they work, you can use the Yellow Pages to find the company’s address and phone number, and then find the person.

  1. homepage, Then enter the company name and location.

    Yellow Pages Homepage

  2. Select the appropriate item/category from the result page. business results list

  3. Check the profile page for the company's contact information

    Yellow Pages results for Boudreux

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