Use GPS technology on your personal computer

Most smartphones now support GPS, but few personal computers or laptops support it. However, it is not difficult to add GPS technology to the PC using a GPS receiver. In this way, you can do something with your computer and GPS, which can make life easier.

Update GPS map using PC

Keep the maps and other data on the GPS up to date. Most dedicated GPS devices have a USB connection. With this, you can download the latest roadmap and other data as needed. Many manufacturers allow users to purchase, download, and install supplementary maps that go beyond the basic map that comes with the device.

Draw routes, analyze data and record logs

Draw the route before departure and download and analyze the itinerary data after returning. The GPS receiver may have mapping software that can draw a route on a personal computer before setting off, and then transfer it to the GPS device. Used with detailed supplementary topographic maps, this is especially valuable for day hikes or backpacking trips.

After returning from the trip, the travel data is transferred to the computer map software to analyze and plot the data. Storing and analyzing exercise data and creating digital, high-tech training diaries are especially useful for athletes.

Use a laptop as a GPS device

Use the laptop itself as a GPS navigator. Purchase a GPS receiver for laptops and connect it to the laptop via USB or Bluetooth wireless connection. Laptop GPS devices and software are affordable and easy to use.

Try GPS enhanced online service

Use personal computers with GPS-enhanced online services. Most online digital photo services allow GPS location data to be attached to photos. These photos are locked to the map to create location-based photo galleries.

Another online service can upload routes and other data from GPS, such as altitude or heart rate, and draw maps to share with friends, family, coaches, or the Internet.Garmin ConnectOther sites can help manage and display routes and training data.

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