How to Use GPS Positioning to Find Someone

With mobile smartphones and PDAs, you can use GPS tracking to locate people. GPS tracking is mainly used by parents to track children or the elderly. However, the information transmitted by the GPS tracking device is not completely accurate, and the location information may be delayed or misunderstood, depending on the location of the nearest satellite or base station transmitting the information.

GPS locator

1. Make sure that the person being located has a mobile phone that supports GPS

The phone must be turned on for the GPS to receive the signal. How GPS works is to calculate the distance between an object and the three closest antennas .

2. Connect to a wireless network

GPS tracking services are provided by mobile phone operators, which configure GPS-enabled mobile devices to the network to send data on the Internet or through a network tower.

3. Select location-based services through mobile providers

This method is to access location information through an Internet website or call center. LBS providers can use GPS signals to give a person's last known approximate location. Map location, turn instructions and SMS reminders are also services provided by some LBS providers.

4. Compare LBS providers before buying plans

Mobile phone operators can also act as LBS providers. In terms of processing technology, don't always choose cheap ones. There are many costs associated with using GPS for personnel tracking, including the cost of equipment that allows GPS technology, the settings to connect the phone to the network, the activation fee, and the network fee to be able to access location information on a particular phone. You may incur charges for each location report you generate, or you may choose to generate a certain number of reports every month.

5. Avoid legal consequences

Before using the system, the subscriber must obtain permission to track someone using GPS tracking technology. The most common use of GPS tracking services is to find the location of school-age children 8-14 years old and elderly parents in emergency situations.

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