How to use Spokeo to find a US mobile phone number by name (within 5 minutes)

I want to find a person's phone number, how do I find it? You can ask mutual friends, family members, or search the person’s name on Google to see what information will appear. But what if Google can't find it? Time is urgent again.

There are now professional personnel search engines that can find the contact information of individuals living in the United States by name. This tool is easier to search for information than using Google. For example, the Spokeo search engine is designed to search for phone numbers, email addresses, social media accounts, and other information.

Find U.S. mobile phone numbers by name

How to use people search tool to find mobile phone number

The easiest way to find a mobile phone number is to use a people search engine . These platforms use advanced search technology to sort out public records (online and offline resources) related to the people involved. After finding the data, merge all relevant information into one easy-to-understand report, which covers the person's full name, phone number, address, social media profile, etc.

How to use Spokeo to find mobile phone number:

  1. If there is only a name, enter the name in the search bar and click "Search".
  2. Then, browse the results to find the person you are looking for. If the names of these people are more common, add other identifying factors, such as location or age, or search using email addresses (if available). 
  3. After finding their profile, select "See Results".
  4. Browse the results page to find the phone number associated with their name or address.

Other ways to find mobile phone number


You can also use Google search to find the phone number. However, the search results may be broad, and sometimes the person’s details cannot be searched. In addition, if you want to search for people with a common combination of first and last name, it is not very valuable.


You can also use Facebook to look up a person's mobile phone number.

  1. Enter your name in the Facebook search bar
  2. Scroll through the search results to find this person. If you want to search for people with common names, filter the results by location. 
  3. Once you find the person you are looking for, click on their profile to see if their phone number is listed. If it is not listed, you will need to be added as a friend to access more personal information, such as phone numbers.  

Why would anyone search and find mobile phone numbers

There are many reasons, such as:

Get in touch with relatives

There are many examples, many people passedSpokeoSuch website tools search for information and re-establish contact with one's (foreign) grandparents or distant relatives.

Reconnect with friends

Friends who have not been in contact for many years have lost their contact information and can find their phone number and even their address just by their name.

Avoid online fraud

Online blind dates and dating are becoming more and more common nowadays. However, the possibility of encountering liars, scumbags, and scumbags is also great. In this case, you can search for the names of these people to see if they are real names, backgrounds, email addresses, phone numbers, etc., to understand their true identities.

Identify caller

I received a call from my cell phone just now, who called me? Now I often receive unfamiliar calls (under big data, there is almost no privacy at all), and there are not a few people who are fooled by unfamiliar calls. It is best to use a phone search tool to look up any information about the caller. Unfamiliar phone numbers that appear many times may be products promoting, automatic callers (I often receive this), or even debt.

Research and understand new neighbors

Not only can you look up phone numbers, but you can also perform reverse address queries. There are more and more Chinese studying and immigrating in the United States. Especially small foreign students and young girls staying outside the campus, do you know the background of the landlord and neighbors? Is it safe for children to live here? Do these people have a criminal history (such as a history of sexual crimes), or feel that these people are a little weird, but if the children are safe to live here, it is necessary to investigate these people.

Search results will include social media information, and even court records and criminal records (additional fees are required). Knowing that they are not criminals can at least rest assured and reduce the level of suspicion.

Legal basis for mobile phone number query


According to the " Fair Credit Reporting Act " (FCRA), the platform that provides this service is not classified as a consumer reporting agency. Therefore, any information collected cannot be used for the following purposes:

  • Human Resources: It is prohibited to use any information collected for job screening or promotion decisions.
  • Landlord: It is prohibited to use existing information to determine an individual’s housing eligibility.
  • Bank/ Lender : It is forbidden to use aggregated information to score a customer's credit score.
  • Insurance provider: It is forbidden to use the mobile phone number query result to determine the customer's premium.
  • Utilities: It is forbidden to use data for any purpose.

Quick Search & Results

The power of the phone number search tool is that it can protect people and contact people. Finding a phone number can avoid falling into the trap of phone fraud and stepping into the ranks of victims. It is also possible to realize a dream that has never been before, to reconnect with friends, family members or romantic old partners who can meet again.

Spokeo categorizes the public records , white page lists and social network information of thousands of people, and aggregates all this information into a simple single-page file, thus providing users with a single source of trustworthy information.

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