The Simplest Way: How to track mobile live location by number

Localize It is a fast mobile phone location service, which can query the location of any mobile phone/phone number in the world, just enter the mobile phone number of the target object, and click locate to find the geographic location of the mobile phone.

Mobile phone number global positioning query & find people (easy steps)

This service does not require physical access to the target phone.

1. Enter the phone number

on the home pagethis location(As shown in the figure below), enter the mobile phone number (according to the country) to be queried here, and then click the locate button.

Enter phone number

2. Email registration

Pop-up registration window: register with email address and password. After that, click continue to go to the next step.

Register an account with an email address

3. Pay the fee

At this step, pay the inquiry fee (€0.69 or 0.82 for $).

Note: This fee allows you to look up any number of phone/mobile numbers within 24 hours.  
Pay mobile number inquiry fee

4. View Results (Location)

View real-time geographic location information of mobile phone numbers


Can the location of the target be tracked without touching the target's phone?

No physical access to the target phone is required (i.e. no need to touch the target phone). All you need to track your phone's location is the phone number, no apps have to be installed.

Does the phone owner know you're tracking its location?

After entering the phone number, the phone owner will receive an anonymous SMS from locallize (you can customize the content and delivery method of the SMS in any way). After the other party clicks, you know their location.

Why is this service free?

This is an advanced solution for phone number location, which requires a fee. Track an unlimited number of devices within 24 hours for just $0.89 (or €0.62). If you want to use Localize for a long time, you need to purchase a regular subscription of $49.80 per month (unlimited number of mobile phone numbers). Note that subscriptions automatically renew each month. If you no longer want to use the service, you can cancel your subscription at any time.

Do I need to install Localize on my phone to locate?

You don't need to install any apps on your own and the other party's phone.

What types of mobile phones can use this service?

Compatible with both iOS and Android-operated phones and compatible with all phone models.

Can I use this location service on multiple devices?

A Localize subscription allows the service to be used on an unlimited number of devices, tracking any number of phone numbers.

How long does it take to process a location request?

If the target phone is powered on and connected to the Internet, the other party will receive a text message within 2 minutes. If the phone owner opens the message and agrees to share the location, you'll be notified immediately.

Brief analysis of advantages and disadvantages


  • No need to contact the target mobile phone, and no need to install any app installation on your own mobile phone and the other party's mobile phone
  • cheap price. Locate an unlimited number of phone locations within 24 hours for just $0.89
  • The target does not know who the location requester is
    You can write text messages in any form by yourself (in fact, the default user of the tool can write text messages with deceptive content)


  • The other party must click the link in the text message to get the other party's location. But here's another advantage: you're getting their location information with their consent, which is legal and avoids legal problems. However, the paradox is: the other party doesn't click, then you can't get the location information.

Advanced Solutions & Summary

If you want more advanced functions in addition to mobile phone location (or monitor the other party's mobile phone without their knowledge), for example, take screenshots of the target mobile phone, monitor various communication transactions of the target mobile phone (various social accounts, such as facebook , wechat), remote control, or even lock the other party's mobile phone, that requires special tools/services in this area, such as:

The above shortcut method is used to locate any mobile phone location. If you want to reverse the phone number: use the mobile phone number to find various information of the mobile phone owner, such as address, transportation, criminal records, public records and other private information, then you need toPeople finder tool/websiteto achieve this purpose.


Regarding the above localize global positioning service, you can track your mobile phone number and test it to understand the phone number tracking process.

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