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What is NordLynx and how does it work?

The NordLynx protocol is an encryption system that protects your privacy when you use a VPN. This is a process that encrypts user data as it travels to and from the VPN server, so no one can intercept and view it in transit.

NordLynx is built around a protocol called WireGuard®, which has two really great properties. One is its ability to provide NordVPN app users with lightning-fast internet connection speeds without compromising encryption security. If you want to know"What kind of internet speed do I need and can I get it through a VPN?", the NordLynx protocol may be the answer.

While connecting to a VPN server adds an extra step to data transfer, NordLynx ensures you won't experience any noticeable slowdown. Your data is transferred quickly to NordVPN servers and back, fully encrypted while on the move.

Another selling point is its simplicity. Because the NordLynx code is leaner than older VPN protocols, it is very easy to troubleshoot and resolve technical issues.

The NordLynx Advantage

  • This is due to NordLynx,NordVPN emerges as one of the fastest VPNs in the industry.
  • This VPN protocol is perfect for online gaming without worrying about buffering and lag.
  • NordLynx supports multiple operating systems, including Windows, macOS, Android, iOS and Linux. With just one NordVPN account, you can cover up to six devices.
  • Because of WireGuard's security, its encryption is very strong.
  • NordLynx is very easy to use: it's built right into the NordVPN app.


Providing high-speed connections while maintaining top-notch online security is one of the biggest challenges facing VPN providers. What can bring about fundamental change?

The emergence of a new VPN tunneling protocol, WireGuard, seems to have brought a breath of fresh air to the industry.

WireGuard features a modern, extremely fast, and extremely lean architecture, uses state-of-the-art encryption techniques, and is backed by in-depth academic research. With this combination, it surpasses the current leading VPN protocols - OpenVPN and IPSec. WireGuard contains only 4000 lines of code, making it easy to deploy, audit and find bugs. For comparison: OpenVPN runs on 400,000 lines of code, which means WireGuard only accounts for 1% of the massive OpenVPN architecture.

However, this is not as good as it sounds. The WireGuard protocol is still under heavy development and is far from perfect. Yes, WireGuard can already promise better connection speeds, but it lags behind in its ability to keep users anonymous.

However, to provide users with faster and more reliableVPN connectionThe opportunity is there, and that's how the NordLynx project was born.

Project NordLynx

WireGuard alone cannot ensure complete privacy. that's why. It cannot be dynamically allocated for everyone connected to the serverIP address.Therefore, the server must contain a local static IP table to know where Internet packets are traveling from and to whom they should be returned. This means that the user's identity must be stored on the server and linked to the VPN-assigned internal IP address.

How WireGuard makes users' anonymity vulnerable

In short: put your privacy at risk by implementing the out-of-the-box WireGuard protocol in your service. NordVPN will never do this.

So there's a conundrum to solve: how do you bring the benefits of WireGuard to users while strengthening the shaky privacy part?

How NordVPN makes it work

Need to find a way to make the WireGuard protocol work without risking customer privacy.

Found it now.

NordVPN has developed something called a double NAT (Network Address Translation) system. This is the key to a secure connection.

In simple terms, a double NAT system creates two local network interfaces for each user. The first interface assigns a local IP address to all users connecting to the server. Unlike the original WireGuard protocol, every user gets the same IP address.

Once the VPN tunnel is established, a second network interface with a dynamic NAT system is brought up. The system assigns each tunnel a unique IP address. This way, internet packets can travel between the user and their desired destination without confusion.

The double NAT system allows NordVPN to establish a secure NordLynx connection without storing any identifiable data on the server. Dynamic local IP addresses remain assigned only while the session is active. Meanwhile, user authentication is done with the help of a secure external database. This means you can enjoy excellent connection speeds without compromising your security and privacy.

How NordLynx keeps users anonymous

How do I open the NordLynx protocol?

You can enable NordLynx very easily. Follow these simple steps to turn on the NordLynx protocol on your NordVPN app.

  • Open the NordVPN app, and make sure you're signed in.
  • Click the scroll wheel icon in the upper left corner of the screen.
  • Click on the VPN protocol (in the advanced section)
  • Select NordLynx from the list of available protocols.

Follow these steps to connect using NordLynx as the encryption protocol whenever you use the NordVPN service.

How to disable NordLynx?

If you want to disable NordLynx, it only takes a few seconds; in fact, it's pretty much the same setup process as NordLynx. If you have selected NordLynx as your protocol, open the NordVPN app and follow the steps in the previous section. When going to step 4, choose a different protocol, which will be the default next time you connect automatically or select a server manually. Disabling NordLynx is that easy!

Alternatively, choose to use the recommended option, which will connect the best VPN protocol for the system and region.

Linux users, try NordLynx today

In the fall of 2018, NordVPN officially invited a small group of users to test-drive their WireGuard implementation as part of a closed beta. Then, after months of further research, development and testing, NordVPN launched NordLynx - a solution that provides fast, private and secure VPN connections. Every curious soul is invited to try it out!

The NordVPN Linux app already supports NordLynx, if you don't already, you can download it here.

Get NordVPN Linux

By default, NordVPN for Linux runs on the OpenVPN protocol. Follow the steps below to switch to NordLynx:

  1. Update the app to the latest version.
  2. Install WireGuard.Help CenterTutorials are available for various distributions.
  3. Open a terminal and type: nordvpn set technology NordLynx .
  4. To connect to the VPN, enter:nordvpn c

That's it - now your Linux application is running on NordLynx. You can switch back to OpenVPN at any time by typing "nordvpn set technology OpenVPN".

Don't use Linux but want to try NordLynx? NordVPN will soon provide a tutorial on how to set it up on any third-party WireGuard client.

How to Fix "Unable to Reach NordLynx Adapter" Error

In the unlikely event that you receive a "NordLynx adapter cannot be reached" error message on a Windows operating system, here are some steps you can take to resolve the issue.

  • Right-click the Start button, then clickdevice manager.
  • existdevice manager, clicknetwork adapter section.
  • chooseNordLynx Tunneland clickUninstall device.
  • Next, opencontrol paneland selectuninstall program.
  • Select NordVPN Network TUN and uninstall it.

Restart your device and download theWindows 10orWindows 7 or 8new TUN driver.

NordLynx: The Next Step in VPN Technology

NordLynx has the potential to be a game changer in the VPN industry.

If you want to see for yourself how fast NordVPN is, you can use it nowNordVPN CouponsDownload it from the NordVPN website to get the best price.

Enhance your online security with NordLynx

Stay safe with the world's leading VPN

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