White Pages VS Yellow Pages [What's the difference]

In the United States and Canada, the phone book is used to look up the addresses and phone numbers of businesses and individuals. There are two main types of phone books: white pages and yellow pages.

Businessman searching something in yellow pages by index

White Pages

The white pages in the phone book are used for personal fixed telephone numbers and street addresses in specific areas. The white pages are arranged in alphabetical order of the first name, using the last name first, then the first name, followed by the middle name or initials (if applicable).

If you do not want your name to appear in the white page phone book, you can call the phone book company and ask them to add their name to their red list so that the name will not appear in the phone book or white page website list In this way, others cannot find themselves through the white pages.

Yellow Pages

The yellow pages are usually in the second half of the white page phone book, and are all kinds of information for businesses. For example, the name, phone number, and address of a local business.

They are different from white pages in two points:

  1. Yellow Pages are paid.
    This means that companies must spend money to enter the Yellow Pages list, so Yellow Pages can also be regarded as a kind of advertisement.
  2. Arrangement order: first list the businesses (businesses) by category, and then list them in alphabetical order by name.
    For example, Tony's Pizza will be listed under the "Pizza" category and then listed in alphabetical order between the other two pizza restaurants immediately before and after.

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Blue/Green Pages

There is another type in the phone book: blue (green for Canada) pages.

The blue page is the smallest part of the phone book and is the phone number of the government and public service departments. These lists include local state representative numbers, police, hospitals, ambulance services, and other lists that do not meet business or personal requirements, such as drugs or family counseling services.

These pages are not paid, but are free services of the phone book company. Most of the numbers are800 phone, That is, toll-free long-distance calls.

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