How to find obituary death information on the Internet (U.S. and other countries)

Through online obituary search, you can find obituaries of specific objects, such as family, friends, neighbors, etc., alsoFind out if someone has diedOne of the easiest ways.

An obituary usually tells about when and where someone died, their relatives, occupation, and certain other details, such as the cause of death and the location of service.

Whether the death information can be found online depends on many factors: for example, whether the person has an obituary, if so, whether it is published online (some in newspapers), which city the deceased came from, and the size of the city is also important for the obituary. factor.

Use a web search engine

Such asGoogle,DuckDuckGo,Bing,YahooWaitsearch engineVery good at finding almost everything, of course, including obituaries. If you know the person’s name, enter it as follows:

"John Doe" obituary "John Doe" obituary

If it is a common name, add other information to the search to narrow the search scope. for example:

Suppose John is from Denver and his wife Jane is included in the obituary, then search like this:

"John Doe" "Jane" obituary "denver"-"John Doe" "Jane" obituary "denver"

Try the obituary search tool

Although there is no problem in finding obituary information on Internet search engines, there are also special obituary search tools to find such information. These tools gather information from newspapers and other sources, making it easier to search for obituaries.

Legacy.comIt is a tool for finding obituaries, you can search for current and previous obituaries information. Obituary (Death) Information Search

Another way to find obituaries for free is to, This site has thousands of obituaries and death notices, just enter your name to find it.

If there are some obituary search tools that require someone’s birth or death date to be found in order to find them, then useGenealogy Bank's Social Insurance Death IndexSearch to find out this date.

In addition, useHuman flesh search siteYou can also find someone’s date of birth.

Visit the local funeral home (morgue) website

If you know where someone’s funeral will be held, then this information is very helpful, because the local morgue (funeral home) will have this person’s record. This record may be a complete obituary submitted by a family member or friend in the newspaper, or it may be a link to an obituary on a website.

Ebersole Morgue website

A simple search on search engines like Google can find funeral homes and morgue websites in various places, such asThis on

If you use web search, search in the following text format:

"funeral home" OR "mortuary" "sand springs"-"f funeral home" or "morgue" "sand springs"

Search newspaper archives

The online/online version of the newspaper is more valuable, and it is most useful for finding obituary messages in about 30 days. Most of the early obituaries were stored in his paper files.

Archives of Google News obituaries since 2008

If you suspect that a particular newspaper will have an obituary, then search on the search engine or the newspaper’s website, which is very simple.

Use the library to find digital newspapers with obituaries. If you know where the person died or lived, you can useWorldCatSearch for libraries in the area.

Visit the local church website

If the funeral was held in the church where the person lived or died, the person’s obituary information can be found on the church website.

If you don’t know the name of the church, use the search technique described above to find it, and then find the most recent obituary on the site.

For example, enter the words "church" and/or "funeral," like this:

"lake city" colorado church OR funeral-"lake city" colorado church OR funeral

The obituary method in the above search may not be very effective, but it is also a useful exploration when there is no way, at least it doesn't hurt.

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