6 Best Ways to Find People Online for Free【Resource List】

Almost most people-finding websites are 100% free to use and can be used as a professional for finding peopleSearch engines to find information about people you may know, strangers, and even yourself.

Through such free people search tools, you can find all kinds of data about someone: full name, list of relatives, phone number, e-mail address, username, work history, friends, and so on.

Free Internet search methods & Resources

The below sites are free to use since these people's data have been saved in public records.

If someone has left traces on the Internet (such as online chat, registering on a website or publishing a post, etc.), then any mentioned in this article can track these traces.

If the person hardly visits the Internet, then the person’s information may not easily appear in the search results. In other words, it is difficult to find the person.

The paid advantage is that you can get all the information of someone on a person-finding website at once.

1. Find people through Google search

Google is one of the best ways to find people quickly and for free, and discover many kinds of valuable information.

Google senior search results
Find people via Google search

2. Find people through professional websites

Most free people-finding websites can quickly search for basic people information: address, phone number, name, and email (depending on what these sites publicly shared on the Internet).

TruePeopleSearch finds people by name
TruePeopleSearch finds people by name
  • TruePeopleSearch: One of the best and fastest free people search tools available by name , Phone number and address to find various details of the person, for example, email address, associated name, possible relatives and colleagues, etc..
  • ZabaSearch: A free professional website for searching person information by name, physical address or phone number. For details, see How to use ZabaSearch to find someone
  • Family Tree Now: Free website launched in 2014, no registration required, free access to population Census records, birth records, death records and occupant information. (What kind of website is this)
  • Your Family: Founded in 1996, it is used to find missing family members and study family history .
  • FamilySearch.org: One of the largest family and genealogical record databases on the Internet.
  • Facebook: Actually, many people don’t know Facebook is also a good way to find people on the Internet, you can find people you know or have known, friends of friends, and even strangers, and And get in touch with these people.
  • PeekYou: Find someone by username or phone number, verify their age, and determine the online status of someone.

Reverse address lookup: Find all information associated with a specific address

3. Find people through phone directory

In most cases, using a professional phone directory website to search for phone numbers (whether it is a company or a residence), you can get more accurate personal information results.

  • Whitepages: Search by first name and last name to find a phone number, or reverse search for the phone Number to see who owns the phone number.
  • FastPeopleSearch: Use this website to perform a quick people search by name, phone or address, and you can find certain details and others, such as whether the person is married, where they lived in the past, past phone numbers, birthdays, email addresses, etc.
  • DexKnows: Search the company phone list.
  • Although Google is not part of the phone directory, using Google to find phone numbers is very convenient and effective. You can also use Google as a reverse number lookup tool: know a phone number, check who the owner of the phone is, or who is using the phone number.
whitepages reverse address search to find people
whitepages reverse address search to find people

4. Find people through death and obituary information

If an old friends hasn’t contacted for a long time, whether he/she has passed away, then use obituaries to find such personnel information.

However, find obituaries information on the Internet may not be very convenient, because they are generally issued by newspapers to publish, and not all of them are uploaded to the Internet. The following website will accurately find the required information.

Find someone through obituary information
Find someone through obituary information
  • Ancestry.com: This is one of the largest family history databases on the Internet, but it must Pay to find information.
  • ObitCentral: This is an obituary database for obituaries and graveyard searches.
  • New York Times Obituaries Page: The obituaries information on this site dates back to the 1800s .

5. Find people through business information

Most companies provide a lot of data, such as phone numbers, addresses, and even the resumes of board members.

Superpages search to find people
Superpages search to find people

How to use Yellow Pages to find people online


  • Not everyone’s information can be found: If you want to find someone online, especially if you have been out of contact for many years, and the person doesn't usually visit the internet, you need a little patience to find such a person. Even so, you may not find valuable information about this person.
  • Information is public: Any information found on the Internet is public in nature, because public databases, directories, blogs, forums, message boards, etc. store this information. However, the search people site can integrate these pieces of information together, just like a jigsaw puzzle, and describe the whole profile of someone.
  • Appropriate paid investigations: Some people-hunting websites provide detailed background investigations for "one-time fees" (the cost is very small and almost negligible), which is very valuable. You should be good at and make full use of these network resources.

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